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not take kindly to (something)

To be unreceptive to, displeased by, or unwilling to accept a particular behavior or activity. Be careful—I hear they don't take kindly to strangers in that town. John just doesn't take kindly to criticism, which is why no one tells him what they really think.
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take kindly to something

to be agreeable to something. My father doesn't take kindly to anyone using his tools. I hope they'll take kindly to our request.
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Thank you kindly.

Thank you very much. Tom: May I give you a lift? Jane: Why, yes. Thank you kindly. Mary: That's a nice suit, and you wear it well. Charlie: Thankyou kindly, ma'am.
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take kindly to

Be receptive to, attracted by, or pleased with, as in He'll take kindly to the criticism if it's constructive, or Henry won't take kindly to your stepping on his newly planted grass. This idiom uses kindly in the sense of "in a pleasant or agreeable manner." [c. 1800]
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look ˈkindly on/upon somebody/something

(formal) approve of somebody/something: He hoped they would look kindly on his request.

not take ˈkindly to somebody/something

find it difficult to accept somebody/something: I don’t take kindly to criticism from him.She didn’t take kindly to my suggestion.

take kindly to

1. To be receptive to: take kindly to constructive criticism.
2. To be naturally attracted or fitted to; thrive on.
See also: kindly, take
References in classic literature ?
Silas said "Good-bye, and thank you kindly," as he opened the door for Dolly, but he couldn't help feeling relieved when she was gone-- relieved that he might weave again and moan at his ease.
Dear Fairy, the fairest flowers have cheered me with their sweet breath, fresh dew and fragrant leaves have been ever ready for me, gentle hands to tend, kindly hearts to love; and for this I can only thank you and say farewell.
he added, looking kindly at Bruno, who was sitting, at Sylvie's side, on the floor.
When he had finished, he thanked her kindly and oiled himself thoroughly with his jeweled oil-can, to guard against mishap.
It seems to me that you have been too painfully impressed by the news of what happened to your good benefactor," said the old dignitary, kindly, and with the utmost calmness of demeanour.
We went in this way as far as Rotterdam, and later went to The Hague, where the Peace Conference was then in session, and where we were kindly received by the American representatives.
But when we have said goodbye, I want you to believe the best of me, to think as kindly as you can of the things which you may not be able to comprehend.
But I have never yet known him to speak a kindly word or do a kindly deed.
I don't drink, thank you kindly,' he said frowning, and sat down on a bench near the second window.
Now I know how kindly he took care of you at the railway station, your good opinion of him is my opinion.
But he seems to be a clever man in his profession--and I think, in his way, he means kindly toward George.
He received them kindly, lighted a fire, and warmed them.
Thank you kindly," the Man with a Wart on His Nose replied, pocketing the money; "it is just the same to us as if you joined.
I will not trouble you for treatment, but will you kindly direct me to my command--to any part of the Federal army--if you know?
Here, too, we have a picture of the kindly village parson who may be taken both from Oliver's father and from his brother Henry.