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not take kindly to (something)

To be unreceptive to, displeased by, or unwilling to accept a particular behavior or activity. Be careful—I hear they don't take kindly to strangers in that town. John just doesn't take kindly to criticism, which is why no one tells him what they really think.
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take kindly to something

to be agreeable to something. My father doesn't take kindly to anyone using his tools. I hope they'll take kindly to our request.
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Thank you kindly.

Thank you very much. Tom: May I give you a lift? Jane: Why, yes. Thank you kindly. Mary: That's a nice suit, and you wear it well. Charlie: Thankyou kindly, ma'am.
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take kindly to

Be receptive to, attracted by, or pleased with, as in He'll take kindly to the criticism if it's constructive, or Henry won't take kindly to your stepping on his newly planted grass. This idiom uses kindly in the sense of "in a pleasant or agreeable manner." [c. 1800]
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look ˈkindly on/upon somebody/something

(formal) approve of somebody/something: He hoped they would look kindly on his request.

not take ˈkindly to somebody/something

find it difficult to accept somebody/something: I don’t take kindly to criticism from him.She didn’t take kindly to my suggestion.

take kindly to

1. To be receptive to: take kindly to constructive criticism.
2. To be naturally attracted or fitted to; thrive on.
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the delayed emergence of the lyric "I" coincides with the realization of potency and renewal: "For me, who under kindlier laws belong / to Nature's tuneful quire, this rustling dry I Through leaves yet green, and yon crystaline sky, / Announce a season potent to renew.
A number of scholars take a kindlier view of the Prince's approach to equitable gender relations, rooting it in evolutionary and natural theory and equating it with Tennyson's own beliefs.
However, who knows, perhaps in future years, well after the millennium, we shall enter a kindlier age and all would-be butchers would probably risk being hanged from their own meat hooks as punishment for encouraging a kind of lower cannibalism.
In these drafts Venus also resembles more closely her kindlier and more straightforward incarnations in "The Watching of the Falcon" and other early tales.
Tennyson's Trinity manuscript yields the following after line 12: "For hope at awful distance set / Oft whispers of a kindlier plan / Tho never prophet came to man / Of such a revelation yet" (Sinfield, p.
Most judges seem to prefer a selfindulgent condemnation of the unfortunates in front of them, but Barney appears to take a kindlier view of defendants, including those who come before him regularly.
But, unlike matches in Spain and Mexico, these draw on a kindlier tradition from Portugal, which uses nonlethal spears that attach to the bull with Velcro fasteners.
On the contrary, people could not be more supportive or kindlier disposed, yet Billy finds these encounters weird and frightening all the same.
It is also my opinion that for a number of reasons history will judge Mr Brown in a far kindlier light than is currently the case despite his alleged 'character flaws'.
There must be something in a new land, away out in the wilds far from the "madding" crowd, that makes people kindlier to each other.
Perhaps we would have a kindlier society if this principle were applied to all working in the public sector.
I just want to ask people with settled lives and futures to look in a kindlier way at the totally dispossessed.
They can produce the most spectacular of scenic shots and seem to cast a kindlier light on all manner of scenes.
If we are ever to turn towards a kindlier society and a safer world, a revulsion to physical punishment of children would be a good place to start.
It owns and operates every link in its production chain and thus can exercise maximum control over its processes and ensure customers maximum transparency as it aims to deliver pink prime--healthier, kindlier, more sustainable meat.