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His kindest love,' resumed Nicholas; 'and to say that he had no time to write, but that he was married to Miss Petowker.
Nevertheless, in his subconsciousness was being planted the impression that, kinder than Lamai, than Agno, than Bashti, this was the kindest black he had encountered in Somo.
cruel fortune, that ever separated us, that deprived me of the kindest of husbands and my poor girls of the tenderest parent.
Levin listened to them, and saw clearly that these missing sums and these pipes were not anything real, and that they were not at all angry, but were all the nicest, kindest people, and everything was as happy and charming as possible among them.
LIVERPOOL has been named as the UK's kindest city - with over half of Scousers performing a random act of kindness every day.
The same group of people were also asked who they think are the kindest drivers on Britain's roads and almost all of them are hatchbacks.
He plays a villain and a comedian on-screen with equal mastery, but most importantly, he is one of the warmest and kindest people I know
The company, which runs The Oakes care home in Willwood Avenue, wanted to recognise the efforts of its kindest colleagues and the impact they have on the lives of residents and their loved ones.
The company is committed to providing the kindest care and aims to work closely with relatives.
TRIBUTES have been paid to "the kindest and well-mannered boy" who died after suddenly contracting meningitis.
Darren was the kindest and most loving man and was loved by all who knew him.
com @Bennhurst A BOUNCER who killed 'the kindest soul on the planet' with one punch at a charity event has been jailed.
9-15 and the day-long celebration Wednesday,  secret-sharing app Whisper pulled data on posts to determine which city is the kindest.
PEOPLE in Newport are taking to social media to share who they think is the kindest person in Newport, as part of a viral campaign over the Christmas holidays.
The family was highly regarded within the SJB community, Emily and Daniel were two of the nicest and kindest young people you could ever wish to meet and were extremely well liked and respected by their peers.