sort of

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sort of something

 and kind of something
almost something; somewhat; somehow. Isn't it sort of cold out? That was kind of a stupid thing to do, wasn't it?
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sort of

 and kind of
Yes, but only to a small degree. Bob: Do you like what you're doing in school? Alice: Kind of. Henry: What do you think about all these new laws? Do they worry you? John: Sort of.
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ˈkind of/ˈsort of

(informal) used with adjectives, adverbs and verbs when something is difficult to describe or when the word you use is not exactly what you mean: She kind of smiled at me.My new dress is sort of green.He said it sort of nervously.
These phrases are sometimes written or spoken as kinda or sorta.
See also: kind, of, sort

sort of

Somewhat; rather: "Gambling and prostitution ... have been prohibited, but only sort of" (George F. Will).
See also: of, sort
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This category is just kind of something you have to have.
This was kind of something I fell in love with and had guys teach me how to do the right things and how to take care of people, so that's basically the model here.
I think for the most part I want to be able to help athletes and this is kind of something that will allow me to do that," Mariota said.
The fact that there's animals out there roaming around with that kind of killer instinct, it's just kind of something I can't shake.
Being here and being acknowledged is really kind of something, it's amazing," she said.
There is something about the season that touches everyone with a special kind of something.
So it can't really be kind of something in the middle.
See, you're talking to me, so I got some kind of something out of it.
This is the kind of feeling the string-laden Sweet Kind of Something and its B-side Welcome To The Light both bring about.
To what extent or not it's a flag or penalty, things like that, I don't know, so it's just kind of something that you've got to deal with and kind of work through.
It's kind of something you dream of, being in that final group and near the lead.
And it is kind of something we have always hoped that it something our family would have for us over the past few years - that when you go home everything is just the same.
It's kind of something you sign up for in the beginning and if you really want it, you know that comes with it," she added.