kill (oneself) laughing

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kill (oneself) laughing

To laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. The comedian had the whole audience killing themselves laughing. My ribs actually hurt from it! I was surprised by how funny my date was last night. I was killing myself laughing at some of her stories!
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kill yourself laughing

be overcome with laughter.
See also: kill, laugh
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ˈkill yourself (ˈlaughing)

(British English, informal) laugh a lot: It was a very funny video. We killed ourselves laughing from beginning to end.He just stood there, killing himself laughing.
See also: kill
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But our misuse has become so common the Oxford English Dictionary has altered its definition to say it can be "used for emphasis rather than being actually true, such as, 'We were literally killing ourselves laughing'."
He says he learned a lot from the late Barker, adding: "At one point when we were working together we were killing ourselves laughing and he looked at me and said, 'Aren't we lucky?
"We were killing ourselves laughing when we saw The Great Waldo running around the trackside going mad!
We were all killing ourselves laughing wondering who was responsible then big Gerry Britton came swaggering in with a brand new haircut, exactly the same colour as the hair in the envelope.
Once they were tied up both he and Guppy were suddenly struck by the absurdity of the situation: "We spent about 15 minutes killing ourselves laughing," he says.
"So for the first few bars, we were playing to an empty tent and the nerves disappeared, because we were killing ourselves laughing.