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baby killer

1. A pejorative term for someone who advocates for, supports, performs, or has had an abortion. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. The mob gathered around the clinic, shouting "Baby killers!" at anyone entering or leaving the building.
2. A pejorative term for a soldier returning from war, used by those who oppose said war. Although the phrase was commonly applied to US soldiers returning from the Vietnam War, it has since fallen out of favor. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. She called me a baby killer as I stepped off the plane, which really hurt because I had been enlisted and didn't want to go to war.
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lady killer

A charming man who has a reputation for seducing many women. I wouldn't date Dan if I were you. Word on the street is that he's a real lady killer.
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thrill killer

One who derives excitement or pleasure from murdering people. I think our suspect is a thrill killer and really enjoys carrying out these violent crimes.
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killer instinct

Cliché an inborn desire or ability to be ruthless. Fred has a real killer instinct. He's a difficult boss to work for.
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1. n. a marijuana cigarette. How about a killer, Wilmer?
2. n. a very funny joke. She told a killer about a red-nosed juicer.
3. n. something extraordinary. That car is a killer. I like it!
4. mod. extraordinary; great. What a killer jacket you’re wearing!

killer weed

1. n. very potent marijuana. (Drugs.) Wow, this stuff is killer weed!
2. n. phencyclidine (PCP), an animal tranquilizer. (Drugs.) Killer weed seems to be a favorite around here just now.
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n. an excellent thing or person. She is just a real killer-diller.


n. a man who is very successful with women. Bruno is anything but a lady killer.
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The biggest recorded motivator for serial killers globally is enjoyment, categorised as thrill, lust or power over their victims, followed by financial gain and then anger.
Further, to increase the abundance of Chinook salmon, the primary prey for these whales, DFO has committed to releasing an additional 1 million juvenile Chinook annually from Chilliwack Hatchery for five years to support Southern Resident killer whale recovery.
At 5:50 AM, a pod of Type D killer whales was found circling around the boat!
Judge Lord Matthews said the killer had "traduced" Toni's name with his "ridiculous" claims.
In an open statement shared with Qaumi Jirga members on Friday, the deceased's father stated that he met his son's killer in the lockup where Zahid hugged him and was ashamed of what he did.
Here, killer whale populations grow and the models predict that they will continue to do so throughout the next century.
Killer whales whose diet includes, among other items, seals and large fish such as tuna and sharks critical accumulate PCBs and other pollutants stored at successive levels of the food chain.
Demographics play into the statistics, too, with appearance, social status, and race factors, the killer feeling the need to carry out and execute a person of a certain type.
Just type 'Avinash psycho killer' on Google and you will get all the details about me."
The Killer Prioritization Engine (KPE) will make you dominate your competitors.
The killer whale (Orcinus orca) is a large top predator that feeds on a variety of prey, including over 30 cetacean species worldwide (e.
A serial killer was believed to be responsible for at least six murders in Germany, which started in 1993.
hansenii has been reported to produce strong and active toxic proteins or glycoproteins, as killer toxins.
While some of his colleagues decried it as 'unfair' and 'exaggerated,' Senate Majority Leader Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III described the 'serial killer' tag by a French paper on President Rodrigo Duterte as a case of 'bad English.'
[ClickPress, Thu Nov 13 2014] Author Frank Catanzano has launched his third novel, a sequel to Killer Body entitled Killer Body2: Retribution.