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Shuan and five more were either killed outright or thoroughly disabled; but of these, two fell by my hand, the two that came by the skylight.
No soft words with me, for I know you, lying rabble," said Don Quixote, and without waiting for a reply he spurred Rocinante and with levelled lance charged the first friar with such fury and determination, that, if the friar had not flung himself off the mule, he would have brought him to the ground against his will, and sore wounded, if not killed outright.
No less than five of the Sheriff's men were killed outright, and a dozen others injured; while four of Robin's men were bleeding from severe flesh cuts.
But the first was too good a marksman to miss his aim; for as the savages kept near one another, a little behind in a line, he fired, and hit two of them directly; the foremost was killed outright, being shot in the head; the second, which was the runaway Indian, was shot through the body, and fell, but was not quite dead; and the third had a little scratch in the shoulder, perhaps by the same ball that went through the body of the second; and being dreadfully frightened, though not so much hurt, sat down upon the ground, screaming and yelling in a hideous manner.
Peckham have shown that the sting of the wasp is NOT UNERRING, as Fabre alleges, that the number of stings is NOT CONSTANT, that sometimes the caterpillar is NOT PARALYZED, and sometimes it is KILLED OUTRIGHT, and that THE DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT APPARENTLY MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO THE LARVA, which is not injured by slight movements of the caterpillar, nor by consuming food decomposed rather than fresh caterpillar.
He might not have had the time to get me killed outright, but he would have had the time to get me gagged and thrown in a dungeon.
Studies from around the world show that for any activity involving shooting such birds, for every bird shot and killed outright, one is injured or crippled.
Three soldiers of the Blues & Royals were killed outright, and another, their standard-bearer, died from his wounds three days later.
The inquest in Stourport heard that he was killed outright on the A422 near Upton Snodbury on March 16.
Barbon was killed outright, while Althea died in a hospital in Dumaguete two days later.
A 2015 survey said 76% of shooters were unable to gauge distance, meaning 40% of birds were wounded rather than killed outright.
Two of the baby swans were killed outright but three survived.
ON THIS DAY 1916: H Sanderson from Cedar Lodge in Edgerton, who was serving with the West Riding Divisional Cyclist Corps, wrote home to say: "We are still behind the firing line and we are very often under heavy shellfire but we have had only one killed outright yet out of our company.
Police said all four were killed outright at the scene between Llangurig and Rhayader in Powys.
Of those, 28 were killed outright - a near 65% rise on the 17 who died in 2013.