killed off

kill off

1. To kill or eradicate someone or something in large numbers. A noun or pronoun can be used between "kill" and "off." Hey, we're only trying to kill off the weeds here—be careful around my flowers!
2. To kill a character in a work of fiction. A noun or pronoun can be used between "kill" and "off." I can't believe they killed off my favorite character in the season finale.
3. To end or remove something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "kill" and "off." We were supposed to go to the water park today, but the kids killed that off with their repeated temper tantrums. Can we do anything to kill off this smoky smell?
See also: kill, off

killed (off)

mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (Drugs.) The team went out drinking and came home killed off.
See also: killed, off
References in classic literature ?
When your folks was waitin' for the railroad to be built an' all the Indians killed off before they dasted to start for California," was Billy's way of proclaiming the new alliance.
All the native men were made very angry by this, and they killed off nearly all the mutineers.
Monsieur of Verdun has no longer one; all have been killed off.
Viewers were quick to point out that if she fails to pull through, she would be the second young woman to be killed off by septicaemia on the BBC in the space of a few days.
Initially, Lincoln gave Gimple four names of characters that he thinks will be killed off towards the end of Season 8, but none of them were correct.
But then they only went and killed off the headlining star Matthew Macfadyen in the first 10 minutes.
Insiders say his character Dean Wicks will "get his" - fuelling speculation he is going to be killed off.
DOWNTON Abbey's Hugh Bonneville has rubbished speculation that Isis the dog is being killed off because she shares her name with the terrorist group in the Middle East.
Microsoft polished its Zune portable music player to the point where the Zune HD was a good product before the project was killed off as iPod sales dominated.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine said they have discovered an unexpected phenomenon in the organs that produce sperm in fruit flies: When a certain kind of stem cell is killed off experimentally, another group of non-stem cells can come out of retirement to replace them.
Viewers saw Matthew Crawley killed off in the Christmas special, just after he and wife Lady Mary had welcomed their first child.
It is thought Kershaw, played by Tony Hirst, will be killed off at the end of the actor's contract, but bosses are staying tight lipped about how he will meet his end.
We killed off Plymouth, even though they are still playing, we killed off London Towers, we killed off Sheffield, we killed off Milton Keynes, we killed off Cheshire, we killed off Brighton, we killed off Guidford.
PROFESSOR X - the character played by Sir Patrick Stewart in the X-Men film series - has been killed off in the latest edition of the comic upon which it was based.
Writing in The Sunday Telegraph he said: "Our recovery - already facing powerful headwinds from high oil prices and the debt burden left behind by the boom years - is being killed off by the crisis on our doorstep.