kids' stuff

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kids' stuff

1. That which is only suitable for young children, especially from the perspective of an older child or adolescent. She asked the boy if he wanted to color with crayons, but he said he didn't like that sort of kids' stuff. Now that she's 13, she has no interest in kids' stuff like cartoons or make-believe.
2. By extension, something that is very easy to understand, achieve, or use, especially when encountered by one on a more advanced level. The highly anticipated match turned out to be kids' stuff for the returning champions. Do you have anything more difficult? This book is kids' stuff.
3. slang Marijuana (due to it being seen as a "soft" drug). If he's just getting high on kids' stuff, I wouldn't be too worried. At least it's not hard drugs!
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kid's stuff

a very easy task. Climbing that hill is kid's stuff. Driving an automatic car is kid's stuff.
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kids' stuff

something that is childishly simple or naive. informal
1982 Vivien Alcock The Sylvia Game He had grown out of the game; it was kid's stuff. Besides it always landed him in trouble.
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ˈkids’ stuff

(British English) (American English ˈkid stuff) something that is very easy to do or understand: ‘What did you think of the maths exam?’ ‘Kids’ stuff. I’m sure I’ve passed.’
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But the juxtaposition of cultural questions that are both broad and deep with an understanding of the centrality of manufacturing and marketing makes Kids' Stuff a book worth disagreeing with.
"Gail loves doing the kids' stuff but she knows she can't do it forever," said one.
Asked about the future of his fashion range, the singer quipped: "We're definitely doing some kids' stuff. I'd like to get my kid looking as cool as me.
They also have great kids' stuff by John Rocha and Matthew Williamson.
Or is it all just kids' stuff?'You're shopping for new school shoes before you know it'
If you view comics as kids' stuff, fear not - XIII is utterly grown-up and the gameplay is wonderfully varied.
This is kids' stuff. A gang of buddies sitting round bouncing slick one- liners off each other, unfailing in their ability to weave a scam together without wasting a word or missing a beat.
With Ricardo Montelban, Salma Hayek and Steve Buscemi also taking part, this superior kids' stuff certainly boasts a host of big names.
KIDS' STUFF: T-shirt designs (l-r) by Samantha Fox, Fake London, Mis-Teeq
But having sampled the madness of South America's most volatile derby between Boca Juniors and River Plate, Caniggia believes next month's clash will be kids' stuff by comparison.
BABY POOL SHARK: Potting balls is kids' stuff for nine-year-old Aberdeen pool sensation Jack Hearn
Bob was having a `p' please on Blockbusters at 5.05pm, and Michael Aspel was showing it was kids' stuff at 6.30pm in the hysterical Childsplay. features competitions, games and loads of cool offers on all the kids' stuff at WH Smith stores.
Kids' stuff dominates this edition as Benton and Carla bring their sprog home - and Greene braces himself for a barney with his ex when she refuses to let him see their daughter.
GETTING to grips with an alligator is mere kids' stuff to muscle-rippling Lynn Perrott.