kids' stuff

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kids' stuff

Something that is very easy to understand, achieve, or use. The highly anticipated match turned out to be kids' stuff for the returning champions. Do you have anything more difficult? This book is kids' stuff.
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kid's stuff

a very easy task. Climbing that hill is kid's stuff. Driving an automatic car is kid's stuff.
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kids' stuff

something that is childishly simple or naive. informal
1982 Vivien Alcock The Sylvia Game He had grown out of the game; it was kid's stuff. Besides it always landed him in trouble.
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ˈkids’ stuff

(British English) (American English ˈkid stuff) something that is very easy to do or understand: ‘What did you think of the maths exam?’ ‘Kids’ stuff. I’m sure I’ve passed.’
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This isn't kids' stuff, though adventuresome teens would find plenty here to engage them.
Starting with Thomas the Tank Engine-style animation, it's anything but kids' stuff as the title-track message kicks in, and it'll be sending shivers down the spines of Bush and Blair.
Judith Adams, The American Amusement Park Industry (Boston, 1991), 57, 112-136; Cross, Kids' Stuff, ch.
Distributed in Easi-Pop trays, the kids' stuff is made to help "busy parents who care about the food they feed their baby.
These days kids' stuff takes in sleek steel bunk beds, funky bean bags and soft lighting.
Designed by Swiss-Argentinean designer Alfredo Haberli, the 10 items in the Kids' Stuff set also constitute the first iittala collection to use such a wide range of materials: porcelain, glass, metal, wood and plastic.
Hoodoo Voodoo" I would guess Guthrie conceived as one of his many songs for children, but like the best kids' stuff, it works adultly; a kind of list of activities and things a child might do or notice in a day (stale cheese, "slicky slacky fishy tails" - housekeeping problems, Woody?
A few titles expected to be extremely popular this holiday season are "How To Make Soft Jewelry," "Sewing Kids' Stuff," and "A Treasury of Christmas Ornaments.