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a man of my kidney

Someone whose temperament is similar to my own. Adam and I like the same things and get along really well—he is a man of my own kidney. She set me up with a guy who's also a total homebody. Like, thank goodness, a man of my kidney! Manuel is very laid-back and loves to code—just like me! He's a man of my kidney.
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1. slang A path or journey that is particularly bumpy or jarring to traverse by motor vehicle. It's just a basic dirt road that was meant for horseback riding, so it can be a bit of a kidney-buster in a jeep. The drive between towns used to be a six-hour kidney-buster on those old side roads, but now that they've put in the highway it is a very comfortable two-hour journey.
2. slang A vehicle that is very bumpy or jarring while traveling. I love this old truck, but its shock absorbers are shot, so it's quite the kidney-buster on the road. That old wooden roller coaster can be a real kidney-buster when it starts twisting around the track.
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1. n. a rough ride; a rough road. This road is a kidney-buster. I wish they’d fix it.
2. n. an uncomfortable or poorly built seat in a vehicle. This kidney-buster is going to ruin my back.
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DAY by day, number of kidney patients is increasing.
Once there is a critical loss in the number of functional glomeruli, histopathological changes take place, and the kidneys become scarred as excessive demands are placed on them.
Kidneys have begun to fail when there's itching, muscle cramps, nausea and vomiting, swelling in the feet and ankles, or too much or not enough urine.
LAHORE -- High blood pressure and diabetes causing increase in kidney diseases while medication through quacks is also a major contributing factor of kidney ailments.
They were speaking at a day long public awareness program events organized on the occasion of World Kidney Day by the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) at Dewan Farooq Medical Centre of SIUT here on Thursday.
Prof Mohammad Nazeer, Dr Aurangzeb Afzal and others speakers said that swelling on feet and face in morning time, lack of appetite, urine problems, pain in gallbladder and breathing problems were major symptoms of kidney problems while diabetes and high blood pressure led to the failure of kidneys.
The theme of the day of this year is 'Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere.' Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS), Bangladesh Renal Association and Kidney Foundation have arranged different programmes to observe the day.
"We can use these mini kidneys to model various disorders: hereditary kidney diseases, infections and cancer.
These transplants reduce the already tight supply of donor kidneys, harming people who have been on the transplant list for a long time and for whom a transplant kidney may extend their life for decades.
In Pakistan, kidney diseases cause an approximately 20,000 deaths per year, making the country rank eight in the world with kidney diseases.
Unfortunately, neither Malouf nor Atkinson proved to be acceptable donors for Neil owing to their blood types and kidney sizes, but even after learning that they could not serve as donors for the Emmott family, they knew that they wanted to donate their kidneys to anyone in need.
The researchers found that, compared with transplant of an uninfected kidney, preceded by treatment, transplant of an HCV-infected kidney, followed by HCV treatment, was more effective and less costly in base-case analysis; this was mainly due to longer wait times for uninfected kidneys.
'If your kidneys fail, you need treatment to replace the work they normally do,' says the National Institute of Health in the United States.
Although they are small, kidneys perform many complex and vital functions that keep the rest of the body in balance.
Delayed radiologic appearence of bilateral thoracic ectopic kidneys. Am J Roentgenol 1989; 152: 120-2.