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a man of my kidney

Someone whose temperament is similar to my own. Adam and I like the same things and get along really well—he is a man of my own kidney. She set me up with a guy who's also a total homebody. Like, thank goodness, a man of my kidney! Manuel is very laid-back and loves to code—just like me! He's a man of my kidney.
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1. slang A path or journey that is particularly bumpy or jarring to traverse by motor vehicle. It's just a basic dirt road that was meant for horseback riding, so it can be a bit of a kidney-buster in a jeep. The drive between towns used to be a six-hour kidney-buster on those old side roads, but now that they've put in the highway it is a very comfortable two-hour journey.
2. slang A vehicle that is very bumpy or jarring while traveling. I love this old truck, but its shock absorbers are shot, so it's quite the kidney-buster on the road. That old wooden roller coaster can be a real kidney-buster when it starts twisting around the track.
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1. n. a rough ride; a rough road. This road is a kidney-buster. I wish they’d fix it.
2. n. an uncomfortable or poorly built seat in a vehicle. This kidney-buster is going to ruin my back.
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However, the validity of the second assumption is disputable, because the co-existence of intra-thoracic kidney and congenital diaphragmmatic hernia is a very rare condition.5,6 Today, more widely accepted mechanism for this condition is that the developmental phases of adrenal gland and liver alter the posture of kidney, and the kidney develops secondary to the cord.
It is vital to detect duplex system at earliest stage to detect associated complications especially renal carcinoma using imaging so as to conserve partial kidney and its function while remove tumor at early stage in order to reduce morbidity and mortality.
Frequent research and development activities for the development of artificial kidney is expected to be a major driver fueling global artificial kidney market growth over the forecast period.
Excessive use of some medications especially analgesics/self-medication also causes chronic kidney diseases, kidney failure and other kidney problems.
Filtration within the kidney takes place across a pressure gradient, just as the more one squeezes a sponge the better it cleans.
Chronic kidney disease is on the rise in the country, said Dr.
[ClickPress, Tue Apr 16 2019] The development of various techniques, increasing number of patients going for dialysis, and favorable reimbursement policies and government initiatives propel the growth of the Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease Treatment Market .
This was stated by a prominent surgeon of kidney transplantation Prof Hafiz Shehzad Ashraf of Kidney Transplant Centre of Shaikh Zayed Hospital (SZH) in an exclusive talk with reporter here on Sunday.
This situation demanded that government should focus on preventive strategies to cope with the rising kidney disease.
Mohammad Saeed Quraishy added that the awareness walk and seminar is aimed at creating awareness of the importance of kidney related problems.
Doctors and nurses screened more than 250 visitors at a camp for sugar, blood pressure and other kidney related diseases.Senior doctors of the nephrology unit also attended patients at the medical camp.
The theme of the day of this year is 'Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere.' Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society (KAMPS), Bangladesh Renal Association and Kidney Foundation have arranged different programmes to observe the day.
Khaled Abouzeid, head of kidney transplantation at Saudi German Hospital (SHG) Jeddah, is urging for greater awareness around kidney health this World Kidney Day (March 14) in a bid to take action and drive positive impact within a disease area that is becoming increasingly prevalent.
The researchers suggest that the finding could lead to a wide range of new treatments that are less onerous for kidney patients.
Speaking at a press conference to announce the activities of the World Kidney Day (WKD), Head of HMC's Nephrology Department Dr Hassan al Malki said: "Kidney disease can affect people of all ages and races and individuals in the early stages of kidney disease often display very few, if any, symptoms." With an estimated one in 10 people in Qatar affected by kidney disease, nephrology specialists at HMC are calling on the community to take steps to educate themselves to safeguard their kidney health.