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I've kiddingly told people it's a product before its time," Coyle said.
He kiddingly dismissed my wondering whether this had been physically exhausting: "Naah .
He also refers to "a certain Madame Sert" which shows a less than complete control over the milieu (or "maloo," as Josephine Herbst used kiddingly to pronounce it), for Misia Sert, one of the great hostesses of the belle epoque and friend to Mallarme and so many other of the modern artists of France, deserves much more than the distancing diminishment of "a certain Madame Sert.
As the media kiddingly named them, "Two Nobodies from Nowhere," they continue to capture the creative curiosity of both the public and the media with their unique sense of humor and background.
Aston: I have been asked what I look for when putting a board together and kiddingly say the three W's--wealth, wisdom, and work.
Ironically, it is a cynical truism with which Vonnegut agreed (and included) in the opening pages of Slaughterhouse-Five, but sometimes one has to underline the madness and just look back, even if, as the novelist kiddingly reminds us, we risk the fate of Lot's wife.
One of the eight AD's kiddingly blurted, "Gee, sometimes I wonder if am one of them
Preferred sweatshirt: the Seattle Seahawks sweatshirt sent to Patrick by the team's equipment manager after he kiddingly announced the hiring of the manager on "SportsCenter"
Neil then kiddingly floats this theory: "What if she shows up on set and she is absolutely, totally normal and that whole thing has been a big ruse?