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Braude kiddingly referred to the "beak of the librarian" in his Doe lecture as a metaphorical signifier of the uncanny ability of the health sciences librarian to use teaching and learning as means of specialized adaptation.
Recently, I was at a meeting and kiddingly said that the worst thing that could happen is a political scientist doing content analysis.
He asked journalists, perhaps kiddingly, not to attack him for the first several months in capacity of the President, but allowed some time for work.
I kiddingly told him that he had once again sold the furniture from their bedroom.
Some men and some women in the community kiddingly would comment, "De donde salio ese negro." Don V.
For about that time, Joe DiMaggio bumped into Cronin and, kiddingly, asked the Red Sox manager when Cronin was going to purchase him from the Yankees.
When a lot of us talk to our physician colleagues, we will say (kiddingly, of course) that we have "gone to the dark side." That's because most of our medical peers feel that once you have gone into management, you are truly not a doctor any longer--you drank from the Kool-Aid.
"I kiddingly said at my Hall of Fame induction that I played for Casey before and after he was a genius," remarked Spahn about Stengel, who became famous as manager of the New York Yankees during their heyday of 1949-60 and would eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame like Spahn.
I kiddingly advise them against going to the mailbox the following day.
"I kind of kiddingly say that we're taking a major leap to the present," says Nardelli.
He kiddingly refers to them as "Tishways," which are named after Genesis 3 cofounder David Tisherman, who introduced them to Benedetti.
He asked me what I was doing and I told him, "I'm looking for my next adventure." My wife kiddingly said to him, "Find him a job." He called me a couple of weeks later and said, "I have just the job."