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The contributors to Kid Stuff, a collection of 11 essays, do want action, but first and foremost they are empiricists.
Kid stuff, yes, but such delightful wallowing in forbidden pleasures evokes audience envy.
And yet, here's your "Skeptical Eye" columnist raving about kid stuff like rap music, computer video, comic books, and Mad magazine.
In "More than kid stuff," which starts on page 32 in this issue, Wendy Bonifazi examines how several facilities are implementing successful intergenerational programs and the substantial benefits they are yielding.
Rather than an innocence of perception, "kid stuff" in this context implies the scariness of the world.
It's a shame that CRI must depend so heavily on excerpts, but this collection offers challenges to the intelligence that make those Out Classics anthologies sound like kid stuff. Performers include Cowell and Partch as well as cherished contemporary music specialists such as pianist Maro Ajemian and the New Music Quartet.
But animal play is still mainly kid stuff. See for yourself this summer at your local wildlife conservation park.
Kid stuff: Nicole poses with two girls in national costume