kick (one's) heels

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kick (one's) heels

To have to idly spend a long amount of time waiting. Whenever I have a package delivered, I always end up kicking my heels at home waiting for it to arrive. Sorry to have you kicking your heels for so long—the doctor is ready to see you now.
See also: heel, kick

kick your heels


cool your heels

COMMON If you kick your heels or cool your heels, you wait somewhere with nothing to do. I was left to kick my heels for forty-five minutes on my own waiting for other heads of government to turn up. A team of 60 UN weapons inspectors and aides have been cooling their heels in Bahrain for almost a week.
See also: heel, kick

kick your ˈheels

(British English, informal) have nothing to do while you are waiting for something: I’ve been kicking my heels here for an hour, waiting for the passport office to open.
See also: heel, kick
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I might be kicking my heels a bit in Deauville, but if you're out of sight you're out of mind.
Even my plan B, to watch Port Glasgow juniors, was washed out so I found myself kicking my heels That's why I can't wait for tomorrow when we play Cowbenbeath at Cappielow.
He said: ''I had been kicking my heels a little bit so, when Jim asked me, I was delighted to comeup.''