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1. noun, slang A sense of enjoyment, amusement, or excitement. Even as an adult, I still get a kick out of building sandcastles at the beach. She really gets a kick out of doing wheelies on her motorcycle in front of an audience.
2. noun, slang The strong sensation experienced from consuming something with a potent effect or flavor, such as a drug, a drink of alcohol, or a spicy food. Wow, that hot sauce has a real kick to it. My ears are burning!
3. noun, slang A shoe. Always used in the plural. Yo, check out those kicks. Are they original Jordans?
4. verb, slang To overcome an addiction. It took gum, patches, and counseling, but I've finally kicked smoking.


1. slang Excellent, great, or exceptionally entertaining. In all uses, it is sometimes colloquially spelled or pronounced "kickin'." That was one kickin' party, dude!
2. slang Exceptionally fashionable or stylish. Wow, man, that suit is kickin'!
3. slang Still alive and active, especially despite old age. I just found out that Old Man Murphy is still alive and kicking. He must be 104 by now!
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and kicken
mod. wild; super; excellent. I don’t know where you get your clothes, but that jacket’s kickin’.
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To investigate the effect of kicking effort on 20-m side foot-kick accuracy, the participants were instructed to perform the same kicking-accuracy test with either a match-relevant ball speed or maximal ball speed.
The kicking trials were performed on an artificial turf, similar to the turf used during games, while all participants wore their own soccer shoes.
Coach Christoph Kipperer is a kicking coach based in Graz, Austria (Europe) who founded EuroKickers, the source for European kickers & punters of all ages and skill levels.
The Blues coach revealed he has the likes of Jamie Roberts and Tom Shanklin staying behind after training to improve their kicking game.
"South Africa are the world champions at present and their game is pretty much built around kicking. When they kick well they win matches.
While there was no correlation between performance and how the goals posts were viewed before kicking, perceived size of the goal posts after kicking was positively correlated with kicking performance.
"There's the skill of kicking the ball, then the next thing is, can you do it under pressure?
* Dan built a wooden kicking machine (see photos, above) before completing the steps below.
Scully missed three from six at Warrington last week and hopefully Sean Long, who has slotted 24 two-pointers this term, might be given the nod at some stage to jock Sculthorpe off the kicking.
I was too upset with myself for not kicking up that desert dust.
When you can kick the ball every time, see if you can step forward with the opposite foot--the foot you are not kicking with--just before you kick the ball.
A child's kicking rate during a subsequent 2-minute viewing of the third mobile, after the ribbon had been removed, provided a measure of the extent to which the kicking task had been learned.
Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, is characterized by diverse kicking techniques.
We are talking, of course, about the tricky art of rugby place kicking.
Kicking legend Neil Jenkins has warned the Wales squad of the threat of Irish outside-half Ronan O'Gara ahead of the Six Nations showdown at the Millennium Stadium on Sunday.