kick it

1. To rid oneself of an addiction, especially to narcotics. I never thought I'd be able to give up heroin, but with the support of my friends and family, I finally kicked it.
2. To relax or pass time idly; to hang out. Hey, you want to come over and kick it later?
See also: kick

kick it

tv. to relax. I need a few minutes to kick it, then I’ll get back in the game.
See also: kick


and kicken
mod. wild; super; excellent. I don’t know where you get your clothes, but that jacket’s kickin’.
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Last year we were thrilled by the variety of ways consumers incorporated cranberries into their tailgate dishes; we saw everything from Kickin Cranberry Jalapeno Poppers to Big Game Cranberry Sausage-Stuffed Apples.
KICKIN has its business address at the King Edward VI School at Lichfield where sixth formers are setting targets to reap profits from the manufacture and sale of picture frames and scarves.
Donnelly agreed a12-month contract last summer but a clause allowed a second year to kickin after 15first-team starts.
The company recently wrapped production on Kickin It Old Skool, starring Jamie Kennedy; Resurrecting the Champ, starring Samuel Jackson, Josh Hartnett and Alan Alda and Addicted, starring Sarah Michelle Geller.
COUNTRY duo Pirates of the Mississippi continue to climb the Music Row Top 40 Chart with their latest single Kickin Up Dust.
All yooz Scots DGs are kickin ass, keep it up - Lots of love, the blanket stacker xxx.
It is likely to be released in October on Bandit Records and will be called KICKIN OUT THE FOOTLIGHTS.
Among words which are all the rage are kickin, which means to have fun and be adventurous, and could be used in the sentence: "The party was really kickin.
NEW YORK, April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Country music legend and American icon Willie Nelson will be joined by some of the biggest names in music for the special concert event, Willie Nelson and Friends: Live and Kickin.
The Macmillian Cup takes place on Sunday, November 15, kickin off at 5pm.
Through Kickin Gas Partners, the Company will now be able to directly distribute MagneGas in areas not currently serviced and will expand revenue opportunities from gas and welding supplies.
com)-- Highway 9 Records has announced that Atlanta, GA-based recording artist Kickin Valentina has won the prestigious 2014 Georgia Music Award for the Rock Band category.
He later told pals: "Me n big Keith kickin bck think its time ti take ova this gaff lmfao.
A new Children's Adventure Trail has been launched giving the opportunity to explore secret parts of Glansevern Hall gardens Music and dance performances from local entertainers include Welsh folk dancing by Llangadfan dancers; Kickin Alice Appalachian step dancers and band and brass and string music by Emma Spandrzyk and Four Tissimo.