kick it

1. To rid oneself of an addiction, especially to narcotics. I never thought I'd be able to give up heroin, but with the support of my friends and family, I finally kicked it.
2. To relax or pass time idly; to hang out. Hey, you want to come over and kick it later?
See also: kick

kick it

tv. to relax. I need a few minutes to kick it, then I’ll get back in the game.
See also: kick


and kicken
mod. wild; super; excellent. I don’t know where you get your clothes, but that jacket’s kickin’.
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Aside from her recent role on Disney's I Didn't Do It and a slew of spots on other shows (hello, Kickin It
Sure, Kickin It in The Kitchen, set in Robertson's modest Palm Springs, Calif.
goin to the direction of the Chinese room w/the grumbling & rustling & th(e) sound of the dragging of boXes going on all the time /while i remain clutch to the side of my bed hoping that things will return to the normal and I cd go back into my sleep when suddenly a man cough from behind the curtains facing me where old Mr Hardin was finding his memory back and kickin on the rails of his bed tryin to prevail against the metal and himself get back home and i hear him say to himself Yes?
It turns out that, in the hands of Justices Scalia and Thomas, the Constitution is not "dead, dead dead," but very much alive and kickin.
Kickin Butts study, authors postulated that the attrition they observed in the interventions could have been partially caused by a lack of interest by teens whose friends had been assigned to the control condition.
THE WEEKEND: The Deck, Redcar PS5 THURSDAY GOSSIP: The Deck, Redcar, free/PS1/PS2 GIGS TONIGHT BLUES AT THE BAY: Dr Brown & The Groove Cats, Cleveland Bay, Eaglescliffe JAMIE GRAHAM, BRE MUSIQ: Walkabout, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough CATTLE & CANE: Georgian Theatre, Stockton SATURDAY KICKIN DUST: Ranch House Club, Thoralby Farm, Skutterskelfe, Hutton Rudby WHITBY 60S MUSIC FESTIVAL: Until June 8, Whitby Pavilion CATTLE & CANE: Georgian Theatre, Stockton THE DELMONTS: Eston Labour Club, small cover charge on the door, 8.
The includes the following flavours: Pringles Xtra Cheesy Nachos, Pringles Xtra Kickin Sour Cream & Onion, Pringles Xtra Saucy BBQ, Pringles Xtra Spicy Chilli Sauce.
Petra Trading & Investment Company has announced that it has launched three new Pringles flavors in Jordania, namely Xtra Kickin Sour Cream & Onion, Xtra Cheesy Nacho Cheese and Xtra Spicy Chilli Sauce.
On the face of it, the Birmingham offices market could be in for another tough year while we all wait with baited breath for the much-heralded recovery to kickin.
Effects kickin within 5-10 minutes of chewing or within 30 seconds of smoking 200-500 mcg, and include hallucinations, bright fights, vivid colors and shapes, body or object distortions, uncontrolled laughter, or a sense of body loss.
But as Scarfist explained the integrity of this particular memory to CHDS: "Youz does thirty-two takes wit Stuntmensch where he's your kickin -shriekin ex-wife youz kept lockt in-ah attic and youz tryin to save him from-ah burnin manor house and not remember dat
stien Descons took over the kickin added the conversio side a 21-20 lead.
Australia were undone by a fired-up Irish side who got the better of their scrum, targeted Quade Cooper's defensive weaknesses with accurate kickin.
Blackshaw created an event page called "Smash Dwn In Northwich Town" on August 8, telling people to gather "behind maccies" He added the first comment: "We'll need to get this kickin off all over.
Blackshaw's page, which invited people to a riot on Tuesday 9 August, featured a comment from him which read: "We'll need to get this kickin off all over.