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Trainer Mark Brisbourne, who also notched two winners, said: 'I think it will take a few months to settle, but the kick-back is like snow and horses are not coughing after races like they did on the sand.'
West Sussex-based trainer Lawrence Wells is pioneering a new surface which, he claims, binds together like turf, rides like good ground, has no kick-back and never freezes.
The object of the exercise was to give him a taste of the kick-back and he certainly got plenty of that, but he left the others behind at the end and seemed to enjoy himself."
The donor gets a tax kick-back worth the equivalent of 5 per cent yearly interest tax-free - and their money back at the end of the five years.
In the absence of that information, they concluded that there had been no transfer kick-back.
He said that the government has extended the circle of ToRs adding that it has included those who took kick-backs and got their loans written off.
The prime minister had said that he wants investigation against all kind of corrupt people and practices, including those who took kick-backs and got their loans written off.
When you channel payments through off-shore accounts, you make it possible for contractors and their collaborators to pad these overpriced contracts with kick-backs, which are then laundered back to the government officials involved.
THE serious allegations of huge bribes and kick-backs to Saudi princes from one of our biggest companies is potentially devastating to Britain's reputation.