boot or an animal out

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boot out

A noun or pronoun can be used between "boot" and "out."
1. To force someone or something to leave a place, usually unceremoniously. Maria has to get up early tomorrow morning, so she booted us out before 9 PM. When dad got home from his business trip, he booted out the stray dog we'd taken in while he was away.
2. To expel someone from a group or organization. The company decided to boot out the CEO after his illegal activities came to light. They threatened to boot me out of college due to the allegations.
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boot someone or an animal out

 and kick someone or an animal out 
1. Lit. to send or remove someone or an animal from a place forcefully, often by kicking. I kicked the cat out and then went to bed. Tom kicked out the dog.
2. Fig. to force someone or something to leave some place. We booted out the people who didn't belong there. The doorman booted the kid out.
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