kick away

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kick someone or something away

to force someone or something away by kicking. Fred kicked the intruder away from the gun he had dropped on the floor. Then he kicked away the gun. The kickboxer kicked the mugger away.
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But why kick away the ladder for other parents who are just as ambitious for their children as he is?
I'm already waist deep in blue, the waves slosh up around my breasts, small waves, this is the blue chlorine of the swimming pool, the boys grabbing my ankles as I kick away from the side, my blue strap sliding down, he's seen my nipple, shriveled and blue.
A draw now looked the only conclusion but on 89 minutes Jack Webb was pushed over in the area and - after a delay while the net was mended - Alex Naughton put the spot kick away to send Griff into the top six.
The opening heat had seen Maggie Lucas's Premarket Babe take full advantage of a dream run up the inner and kick away around the final two bends for a comfortable 24.
Barnsley failed to clear their lines and Long pulled the ball down before crashing in a shot which Steele did well to kick away to safety.
In the modern game it is very difficult to 'target' the full back unless you are willing to kick away possession which, let's be honest, the All Blacks rarely do.
But when West End gave a free kick away 25 yards out, the Grangetown striker rose unchallenged in the box to head in to equalise.
Former Welsh boss Yorath, who was once a penalty kick away from taking Wales to the 1994 World Cup, is delighted to have Southall on board.
FOOTBALL starlet Kevin Humble is just one kick away from playing for England in the annual Danone Nations Cup.
As young lads, Jack and his brother Bobby spent hours dreaming of playing for England as they enjoyed endless schoolboy matches at the Hirst Welfare in Ashington, Northumberland ( just a corner kick away from their family home.
R, set up at determined depth, secure ball, find chute on right side, anticipate kick away from pressure.
They taught us a lesson in ball retention and we tended to kick away good possession and attempt to run poor possession.
Hull regained control of the game as Lions continued to kick away possession and Hull re-took the lead after 69 minutes through Joe Wright's penalty.
California tried to kick away from Drew, but failed.