kick at

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kick at someone or something

to make kicking motions toward someone or something. The horse kicked at me, but I knew it was just a threat. The boys kicked at the can aimlessly.
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Tom Malone, the accidental punter on USC's affluent championship football teams, bases his successes and failures one kick at a time.
Babies continued to kick at their previous rates if the liner displayed triangles instead of squares, but kicking dropped off drastically if circles or stripes adorned the liner.
Postlewaite scored his first goal by hammering in a free kick at the back post seven minutes after halftime.
Abyanli's penalty kick at 58:33 was a slow skimmer that beat the dive of goalkeeper Greg Blevins to give Northridge (8-3-1, 3-1-0 Big West) a 2-1 lead after Chris Sigler was called for a hand ball.
The Uruguay demonstration included Jimmy Nguyen doing a triple kick and Tommy Nguyen jumping over eight people and breaking a board with a kick at the end of the jump.