kick aside

kick someone or something aside

1. Lit. to get someone or something out of the way by kicking. The bully kicked Timmy aside and grabbed our cake. I kicked aside the cats and came into the room.
2. . Fig. to get rid of someone or something. He simply kicked aside his wife and took up with some young chick. I kicked the old laptop aside and got a new one.
See also: aside, kick
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Whittingham's early kick aside, the rest of the first half turned into an even encounter as Llandrillo woke up from what was a fairly slow start.
Morgan's kick aside, Tipuric struggled to gleam too many other positives after a disappointing performance in the Venetian suburb.
Morgan's kick aside, Tipuric struggled to glean too many other positives after a disappointing performance in the Venetian suburb.
Against the run of play, it was, but for all Dundalk's industry there wasn't much end product and, Mansaram's chance and a Chris Turner free kick aside, they were struggling to break down Sligo.
A*LATWP News Service In the US, women kick aside a taboo
Skating hard toward the left post, Whitney scored while being tripped by Miami's Brian Kaufman after RedHawks goalie Jeff Zatkoff used his right pad to kick aside a booming slap shot by Dan Bertram.
Unlike the money-washing, the Glass-Steagall angle has received some scrutiny in the the press, since business reporters reckon that the megamerger will finally kick aside this New Deal legislation.
The brilliant Frenchman had never settled before joining United, but he stayed for five years and - his infamous 'Kung Fu' kick aside - Fergie moulded him into a leader.
Beyond judgeships, Clinton is only marginally distinguishable from Bush, more modeme and self-aware in his role as another punctuation mark in the evolution of neoliberalism, whose function is to cheapen the cost of labor, eradicate social safety nets, kick aside all impediments to the free movement of capital.
Jermaine Jenas touched a free kick aside and Carr curled a beautiful effort away from Niemi from 30 yards.
Did you by any chance yesterday, when treading through the usual Cup Final litter, happen to kick aside a bundle of papers yellowing like the Domesday Book?