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a kernel of hope

A tiny amount of hope or optimism that exists within an abundance of doubt, skepticism, or pessimism. While the economic outlook is dire, there is still at least a kernel of hope that a few industries could help the country stay afloat in the coming months. Many people see the candidate as a kernel of hope in a political world drowning in greed and corruption. When we were stranded on that desert island, it was hard to find even a kernel of hope.
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a kernel of truth

A singular element of truth or wisdom within a greater story, narrative, speech, or claim, especially when most or all other elements are fictitious or of questionable veracity. I think the governor's speech is a bunch of hogwash by and large, but there is a kernel of truth in what he said about the need for lower taxes. Is there a kernel of truth to this rumor of layoffs? Please say no. There is not one kernel of truth in any of that nonsense you just said!
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he that would eat the kernel must crack the nut

proverb If you want something desirable or appealing, you must put forth the effort required to obtain it. I know it sounds scary to start your own business, but that's the only way you'll get to be your own boss. He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut and all that.
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He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut.

Prov. You have to work if you want to get anything good. If you want to be a good pianist, you have to practice every day. He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut.
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It was observed that panicles m-2 and kernel weight panicle-1 were found to directly affect millet grain yield at both locations (Table 3), but overall kernel weight direct effects were more strongly related to yield (0.87, 0.80) than to panicles m-2 (0.22, 0.23) at Faisalabad and Layyah, respectively.
In our second field experiment, while studying effect of intra-row spacing and nitrogen application on pearl millet yield in year 2015-16, no significant direct effects of panicle m-2 and kernel per panicle were observed on millet yield at either location (Table 4).
Inspired by the kernel method in support vector machine(SVM), [17,18] first bring the kernel method to ELM.
where, kernel function K(u,v) is given, while feature mapping h(*) need not to be known to users.
Kernel page-table isolation is a Linux kernel feature that mitigates the Meltdown security vulnerability by isolating user space and kernel space memory.
Kernel Season's offers branded popcorn seasoning sold to consumers at movie theatres and retailers, including mass merchants, grocery stores and specialty retailers throughout North America and internationally.
In the MKL model, kernel K is combined with a series of kernels linearly.
Kernel determines the feature of high-dimensional space mapping and affects the regression performance.
Firstly, calculate the target kernel function, the source kernel function, and the cross-kernel function.
Among the food sources of essential fatty acids are fish, oils, kernels, and nuts.
Recent researches on kernel methods have highlighted the requirement to learn a suitable kernel matrix or function from the training data.
Although the above actions to resolve specific problems have improved the algorithm, they are single kernel function based on support vector regression.
Location:%SystemRoot%\Memory.dmp Size: Size of OS kernel
Chromosome doubling of haploid kernels was done with colchicine and different pendimethalin treatments after germination of haploid kernels.