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kick (someone or something) to the curb

To discard, abandon, or dismiss someone or something that has become redundant, obsolete, useless, or unwanted. I can't believe that after 20 years of hard work the company would just kick me to the curb like that! I think it's about time we kick this old computer to the curb. I heard Jenny kicked her boyfriend to the curb last night. They must have had an awful fight!
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A person who drives around looking to solicit prostitutes. Primarily heard in US. Don't go into that neighborhood after dark—it's known for prostitutes and curb-crawlers.
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We were told that the rich and famous kept scraping their vehicles on the kerbs and while we were there we saw one or two celebrities stopping off.
THE new parking control referred to in your story headed New crackdown on driverscompletely ignored the protection of dropped kerb crossing places that is half of the new regulations.
Birmingham City Council installed the secondary kerbs to stop motorists parking on grass verges.
Striking the kerb can lead to the tyre and wheel misalignment that causes un-even wear and premature tyre replacement," says a spokesman.
Kerbs can be fixed against existing walls or where the facility is a large open space that needs dividing into manufacturing areas, the kerbs act as demarcation.
Kerbs, who was brought in to face left-handed-hitting Bernard Stephens with the bases loaded and two outs in a 13-8 game, struck out Stephens to end the threat.
But I knowone family on Kings Road whose neighbours have dropped kerbs, but they have still been turned down twice.
Very often wheelchairs and scooters are forced on to the road because some idiot has parked across a dropped kerb.
The drop kerbs have been installed by borough council engineers to help people with a wide variety of disabilities," said Sergeant Tim Kelly.
He added: "The general view seems to be that it is entirely disrespectful of your national flag your hang it off lamp-posts and use its colours to paint kerbs.
McLendon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sight Resource Corporation, stated "Jon Kerbs brings an in-depth understanding of branding and retail optical marketing.
And if his performance six weeks into the season is any indication, Kerbs appears to be quite good at his craft.
These kerbs are installed for easy access to the road, with tactile markings for the visually impaired to guide them.
THE hassle of getting around Belgrave, Kettlebrook and Lakeside estates for wheelchair users will soon be over when new drop kerbs are fitted.
LANCASTER - It might have been an unintentional-intentional walk, or perhaps JetHawks reliever Reuben Kerbs was just being careful.