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kick (someone or something) to the curb

To discard, abandon, or dismiss someone or something that has become redundant, obsolete, useless, or unwanted. I can't believe that after 20 years of hard work the company would just kick me to the curb like that! I think it's about time we kick this old computer to the curb. I heard Jenny kicked her boyfriend to the curb last night. They must have had an awful fight!
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A person who drives around looking to solicit prostitutes. Primarily heard in US. Don't go into that neighborhood after dark—it's known for prostitutes and curb-crawlers.
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Had the council decided to rip out the existing kerb and replace it, it would have cost much more, it would have caused much more disruption and they would have taken a least 18 weeks to be delivered.
In June and July this year eight suspected kerb crawlers were stopped and given warnings not to attend the area again or face being arrested.
Kwik Kerb business owners have been operating successfully in the UK since 1994, supplying customers with instantly recognisable continuous concrete edging.
For further division of large areas; mineral wool wall panels can be slotted into the kerbs to form walls.
If that's not the case you will never qualify for a dropped kerb.
Easing of tension with India led to dwindling gap between teh inter-bank and kerb rate (buying) from 51 paisa, over the month.
10: Department was asked what level of fine kerb painters can face.
The teacher is the second person to be arrested for kerb crawling in Birmingham following the recent introduction of new legislation.
Latest figures show more than 1,000 kerb crawlers are caught each year.
Project Description : Un-serviceable kerb and gutter, the existing brick type kerb and gutter is in a very poor condition this is causing water to pond the broken sections are creating a public safety / trip hazard due to broken and missing kerb bricks.
I was just walking along normally when I tripped over an uneven kerb," he said.
Because each kerb weighs only 15kg, a fifth of a standard concrete kerb, it is safer, easier and cheaper to lay.
man who travelled 50 miles from Wallsend, using his car to kerb crawl in Middlesbrough for sex with prostitutes.
Dorset's mainly used the OP30 kerb, a 300x75mm section with a rebated front into which the floor finish was coved.
The number of company car owners caught kerb crawling has rocketed, lead-ing to many personnel departments to issue warnings to execs and staff alike.