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kick (someone or something) to the curb

To discard, abandon, or dismiss someone or something that has become redundant, obsolete, useless, or unwanted. I can't believe that after 20 years of hard work the company would just kick me to the curb like that! I think it's about time we kick this old computer to the curb. I heard Jenny kicked her boyfriend to the curb last night. They must have had an awful fight!
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A person who drives around looking to solicit prostitutes. Primarily heard in US. Don't go into that neighborhood after dark—it's known for prostitutes and curb-crawlers.
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Cross-examining, defence barrister Ian Ibrahim said there had been "no agreement" on the speed the car had been travelling at the time it mounted the kerb, or whether it was accelerating or decelerating.
Mr Sallabank, who lives on Oldfield Road, said his neighbour had initially applied for a dropped kerb at the same time as him, but later told the council she would not be going ahead.
Unfortunately, we cannot give formal approval for the kerb stones but we have agreed that no immediate action is necessary in this case.
Council chiefs have pocketed up to pounds 6 million since 2002 from installing dropped kerbs, to allow motorists to pull up on to their grass or drive.
Kerb purchases during the first nine months of the year amounted to $1,069 million and inter bank purchases $1,640 million while only $119 million was sold with net purchase of $1,521 million.
30: The Daily Mirror called the Department of Regional Development to establish if any there is other legislation on kerb painting.
A further 40 kerb crawlers have been sent warning letters.
The firm's managing director Julie White recently patented the D-Kerb - a machine that can cut granite kerbs to a 45 degree angle.
Because each kerb weighs only 15kg, a fifth of a standard concrete kerb, it is safer, easier and cheaper to lay.
KERB crawlers in inner-city streets rife with prostitutes are to be targeted by police - in Urdu as well as English.
Very often wheelchairs and scooters are forced on to the road because some idiot has parked across a dropped kerb.
Dorset's mainly used the OP30 kerb, a 300x75mm section with a rebated front into which the floor finish was coved.
The number of company car owners caught kerb crawling has rocketed, lead-ing to many personnel departments to issue warnings to execs and staff alike.
Anti-social behaviour orders are to be used against persistent kerb crawlers in Birmingham as part of the latest police crackdown on prostitution.
I was just walking along normally when I tripped over an uneven kerb," he said.