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A person who drives around looking to solicit prostitutes. Primarily heard in US. Don't go into that neighborhood after dark—it's known for prostitutes and curb-crawlers.

kick (someone or something) to the curb

To discard, abandon, or dismiss someone or something that has become redundant, obsolete, useless, or unwanted. I can't believe that after 20 years of hard work the company would just kick me to the curb like that! I think it's about time we kick this old computer to the curb. I heard Jenny kicked her boyfriend to the curb last night. They must have had an awful fight!
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Russell Colt Street from the extended line of the eastern kerb of Gartsherrie Road, north eastwards to the extended line of the western kerb of B804 Coltswood Road, over its entire length.
"The council should have already put a drop kerb in place for free with her having a driveway.
The differential between the kerb and inter-bank market rates has touched around Rs4 per dollar as inter-bank prices were around Rs115.60-115.70 on Thursday.
The logistics worker said the mistake could have been easily avoided by checking the house number and that it seemed odd the council then decided to create even more work by taking up the kerb they had already dropped outside his elderly neighbour's home.
He claimed that the kerb would cause "significant difficulties" for mourners and coffin-bearers accessing neighbouring graves, as well as issues for grass cutting.
She said: "It is true that the guidelines say you can't park on roads where double yellow lines are marked on the kerb, which is the case on a section of Princess Street.
The man's conviction is the latest in West Midlands Police's Operation Scarlet -- a continuing crackdown on kerb crawlers.
I agree that the 50cm rule should be restricted to drivers who have actually caused an obstruction by poor parking but disabled people have been calling for protection of dropped kerbs for many years.
Kwik Kerb offer all the brand name and marketing support benefits associated with a franchise - without the restrictions and fees or royalties that normally apply to franchises.
Passengers can once again be dropped-off in front of the departures hall now that Brussels International has finished renovating its departures kerb area.
A Transportation Department official at Birmingham City Council said that lowering a kerb usually cost between pounds 400 and pounds 1,400 a time.