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Dikshit is an alleged rapist, a fake godman who built ashrams across India where he kept women confined, and a land grabber who duped devotees to build the Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya.
In the past, he may have kept women at arm's length, but times are a-changing.
The two women were expected to become fully fledged first officers, or co-pilots, in just eighteen months, a landmark achievement in the country, which for generations has kept women out of fields such as aviation.
Chapters discuss the first group of pioneering women who attended lectures in the 1870s; the debate over degrees for women, which began in 1894; the effects of World War I, the women's suffrage movement, and administrative changes at the university; the first graduates in 1920 (when women were given full membership); wartime conditions at the university during the 1930s and 1940s; and the 1950s, when Oxford finally did away with some of the practices that had kept women separate, such as publishing men's and women's exam results in separate lists.
AN ageing sex monster who kept women chained up as sex slaves in an underground dungeon has been jailed for at least 18 years.
That policy has kept women trying to overcome drug addictions from being reunited with their children, barred them for receiving job training in welfare-to-work programs, and returned some to drug use.
I'm the director of a women's nonprofit; we are striving to break these gender stereotypes that have kept women out of power for the last 2,000 years.
This kept women from a wide swath of assignments, and restricted opportunities even within fields they could legally enter, like the military police or intelligence, since almost every type of unit in the Army (even support units) could theoretically see combat.
No single law or clergyman's opinion kept women from seeking a divorce, earning a living, or having a voice in church governance; rather, over time, men passed regulations, punished crimes, and controlled speech in ways that worked to women's detriment and occasionally targeted them specifically.
For every one of them, however, there is someone who thinks stay-at-home moms are kept women.
The evidence Gordon provides clearly confirms the view that the prevailing ideologies of gender and domesticity placed and kept women in a subordinate position in the work force.
CHINA plans to raise public morals by sacking all officials with mistresses Kept women and "second wives" are common among government officials there.