keep (close) watch

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keep (close) watch

To guard, protect, or ensure the welfare of someone or something, often through close observation. I felt better sending the kids to camp when I knew Mrs. James would be there to keep close watch over them. I can't help but feeling that I had an angel keeping watch over me that day.
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keep (close) watch (over someone or something)

to guard or care for someone or something. I'm keeping watch over my children to make sure they have the things they need. I think that an angel is keeping close watch over her to make sure nothing bad happens to her.
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keep watch

Also, keep a watch or close watch on ; watch over. Observe with continuous attention, especially to act as a sentinel or for protection. For example, Afraid that the wolves would return, she kept watch while the others slept, or They kept a close watch on the harbor, looking for signs of enemy ships, or, according to the Gospel of St. Luke (2:8): "And there were in the same country shepherds ... keeping watch over their flock by night." [Late 1300s] Also see keep an eye out for.
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keep ˈwatch (for somebody/something)

stay awake or watch somebody/something carefully in case of possible danger or problems: I’ll keep watch while you sleep.The doctors are keeping watch for any change in her condition.
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A helicopter kept watch as officers moved in to arrest him.
Leduina Co, provincial environment and natural resources officer (Penro) of Pangasinan, said the agency has kept watch on the Ilocos region leg of the national greening program (NGP) by geotagging, a process of fixing the coordinates and distance of each sapling planted in the area so computers aided by satellites can keep track.
A third man, not wearing a mask, kept watch as the gang waited for the right moment to strike, while a fourth man waited around the corner in a getaway car.
A TEENAGE lookout who kept watch as thieves targeted a string of cars on Tyneside has been hauled before the courts.
A passer-by raised the alarm after seeing four of the gang in a silver Vauxhall Astra and a fifth who kept watch from a motorbike.
A BOUNCER who beat up a pub customer in a laneway while his boss kept watch was jailed for a month yesterday.
The pair, from Liverpool, were arrested after police kept watch on the drugs in rural Denbighshire.
According to the witness who caught him, the robber had kept watch from his hiding place until his victim passed by.