keep (one) going

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keep (one) going

To give one enough energy, sustenance, etc., until they get what they truly need or want. Lost for days in the woods, we had to eat bugs and edible roots to keep us going. I am so anxious for the new movie in the series to come out this winter that I'm reading the novels again to keep me going.
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keep someone or something going

to sustain someone or something. I try to eat just enough food to keep me going. Enjoying food is just not an issue any more.
See also: going, keep

ˌkeep ˈgoing

1 make an effort to live normally when you are in a difficult situation or when you have experienced great suffering: You just have to keep yourself busy and keep going.
2 (spoken) used to encourage somebody to continue doing something: Keep going, Sarah, you’re nearly there.
See also: going, keep

ˌkeep somebody ˈgoing

(informal) be enough for somebody until they get what they are waiting for: Why don’t you have an apple to keep you going till dinner time?
See also: going, keep, somebody
References in periodicals archive ?
Rachael said: "It was a pretty intense two days and there were some very scary activities but the thought of why we were doing it kept us going."
"There were days that we went in to training and we weren't feeling it because of the way things were going, but the manager and the backroom team all kept us going.
"Alfie has kept us going through a lot, we've been strong and determined right from the start.
I stayed behind and moved in with my mum and, although it was hard, planned trips home kept us going as well as lots of video calls and messages.
"He made life full of laughter with never a dull moment and always kept us going with his cheeky little ways.
We've always said he was sent to us as a gift from the kids and that's what's kept us going.
She said: "We had to bowl by candlelight during the night but the excitement kept us going. Everyone was in very high spirits and had fun, whether they won or lost the game."
It didn't deter us though and when Joseph joined us he was a real inspiration and kept us going."
Cheese and raisins made a genuinely interesting snack interlude and kept us going until dinner.
"I want to thank all the customers who have been so loyal to us, especially over the last few years as they have kept us going this long.
Thinking of the Children who attend Bobath kept us going when we were at our lowest points."
There have been many evenings when our motivation has been challenged but this target kept us going."
However, as always, everybody has rallied to the cause and our gallops team have done brilliantly and kept us going really well.
"I have planned the wedding since I have been poorly, so that has kept us going as well.
Gareth Marshall, of KPMG's audit practice, said: "Training for this was hard work and it was the motivation of supporting Help the Hospices that kept us going."