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keep quiet

1. To be quiet; to not make any noise. Often used as an imperative. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is sometimes used between "keep" and "quiet." Please keep quiet during the movie, kids. People are trying to listen. The only way I can keep my dog quiet when the mailman comes around is to give him a treat.
2. To force someone to stay silent or not divulge information. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is often used between "keep" and "quiet." They offered me a ton of money to keep me quiet, but I'm still going to testify.
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keep quiet (about something)

To refrain from divulging any information about something. They offered me a ton of money to keep quiet, but I'm still going to testify at the trial. We all agreed to keep quiet about what we found that day.
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keep something quiet

 and keep something still
Fig. to keep something a secret. I'm quitting my job, but my boss doesn't know yet. Please keep it quiet. Okay. I'll keep it still
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keep quiet (about someone or something)

 and keep still (about someone or something)
to refrain from talking about someone or something; to keep a secret about someone or something. Please keep quiet about the missing money. Please keep still about it. All right. I'll keep still.
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keep quiet

Also, keep still.
1. Also, be quiet or still . Remain silent; same as hold one's tongue. For example, Please keep quiet about the party. Also see keep one's mouth shut.
2. Refrain from moving, stay in the same position; same as hold still. For example, The doctor gave the young boy a toy to keep him quiet while on the examining table, or It's hard for the baby to keep still unless he's sleeping. [Late 1300s]
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I have to face the fact that, in the interests of getting things done in groups I've belonged to, I have often, like the loyal subjects, kept quiet. And sometimes the whole collective has gone wrong.
They kept quiet for 20 minutes during a morning tutor period.
The County manager made special provisions to make sure former Premiership striker Hignett was kept quiet and it paid off as his side staged a superb second-half recovery.
Quinn agrees, saying she fears that the number of gays murdered is actually even larger than believed because family members have asked that the victim's sexual orientation be kept quiet. "There is a feeling among law enforcement that if it's the wish of the family that the sexual orientation of the victim should not be revealed that they should honor it," Quinn says.
"This is being kept quiet. It is embarrassing to have men who guard the Queen taking drugs," said a military source.
The SAFE depot in Mantova, Northern Italy, was robbed at the weekend, but the embarrassed firm kept quiet at first.
Ann Mitchell had kept quiet for more than 50 years about the role she played at Bletchley Park in helping the Allies crack German codes.
For months gay "club kids" in New York City kept quiet about a grisly murder.
The Church had kept quiet about the allegations for 18 years and had even paid one of his victims pounds 42,000 in compensation.