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The findings showed that being a kept man may be dangerous for the health and can increase the risk of suffering heart problems, chronic lung disease and stomach ulcers, Health News reported.
30PM Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success In this one-off programme, Nick Robinson uncovers how Sir Alex, left, kept Man U at the top.
An unnamed rich lady would like to make Saad her kept man, if the young chap agrees to it, of course.
Kept man Iain Duncan Smith, who lives in wife Betsy's PS2million ancestral mansion, strains to axe universal benefits for OAPs including those less well off than himself.
On the home front, his romance with Ann has progressed and she has moved into Keeper's Cottage and taken a Sergeant's post in York -and people are askingMike what it is like to be a kept man.
I thought we kept Man City at arm's length in the first half.
Coulter (known for directing episodes of ``The Sopranos'' and ``Sex and the City'') and first-time screenwriter Paul Bernbaum try out each theory a la ``Rashomon,'' but as the movie choppily shifts between time frames, the mystery becomes less interesting than watching Reeves trying to reconcile his dreams to the realties of being a kept man and fading actor.
Jamo was considerably busier and made three or four exceptional saves which kept Man City in the game.
I thought that we certainly kept Man City at arm's length in the first half.
It's all part of her new US reality show, Kept, which transforms a dozen fumbling beefcakes into gentlemen before Jerry chooses one to become her kept man and red-carpet arm candy.
The only thing that has kept man going on Earth is they have always had a frontier.
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Kylie could pay easily but James couldn't bear to let people think he was a kept man.
He almost kept Man United at bay single-handed in the first half.