keep (someone or something) down

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keep (someone or something) down

1. To maintain something in a lowered position. Just make sure you keep down the umbrella if it starts to get windy. I like to keep the top down on my convertible even when it gets a little cold.
2. To ensure that something cannot move from its position, typically by placing something on top of it or by attaching it to something. I have a nice heavy paperweight that keeps my papers down when a breeze comes through the office We'll need to use some strong tape to keep this panel down.
3. To suppress someone's potential or prevent them from improving, advancing, etc. I feel like my boss has really been keeping me down by not letting me sit in on these meetings. Don't let setbacks like this keep you down—you have to keep trying.
4. To maintain at a low level or prevent from increasing. The board hopes to keep down tuition rates to stay competitive with other schools. Please keep your voices down during the ceremony.
5. To avoid vomiting after one has eaten when one is ill, especially with a stomach ailment. I haven't been able to keep any solids down since Tuesday, but I've been drinking plenty of fluids. Do you think you could keep down some soup?
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keep it down

To be quiet or stop making a lot of noise; to maintain a low level of noise. Often used as an imperative. Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to sleep. Keep it down before the neighbors call the police!
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keep someone or something down

to hold someone or something in a hidden or protected position. Try to keep Sam down where no one can see him. Please keep the noise down so Fred won't know it's a party when he comes in.
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keep someone down

to prevent someone from advancing or succeeding. His lack of a degree will keep him down. I don't think that this problem will keep her down.
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keep something down

1. Lit. to make the level of noise lower and keep it lower. Please keep it down. You are just too noisy. Keep the noise down, or I will call the police.
2. Fig. to retain food in one's stomach rather than throwing it up. I've got the flu and I can't keep any food down. She couldn't keep the milk down.
3. Fig. to keep spending under control. I work hard to keep expenses down. Please try to keep the cost of the new project down.
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keep it down (to a dull roar)

Fig. to keep quiet or as quiet as possible. Keep it down, you kids! Please try to keep it down to a dull roar, could you?
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keep down

1. Hold under control, repress; also, retain food. For example, Keep you voice down, or They vowed to keep down the insurgency, or With morning sickness, she had a hard time keeping down her breakfast. [Late 1500s]
2. Prevent from increasing or succeeding, as in The government was determined to keep prices down, or Joyce felt that her lack of an advanced degree kept her down in terms of promotions. [Early 1800s]
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keep down

1. To remain in a lower position: We heard gunfire overhead, so we kept down for a while.
2. To cause something to remain in a lower position: I keep the blinds down in my apartment during the summer. We kept down the shades so no one would see.
3. To prevent something from growing, accomplishing, or succeeding: These unfair wages are keeping people like us down. The new policies are keeping down the poor.
4. To hold something under control or at a reduced level: Keep your voice down, or you'll wake the baby. Keep down the noise, or you'll have to leave.
5. To refrain from vomiting something: Although I was seasick, I managed to keep my food down. The patient kept down the medicine.
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It's frightening to think if a person were kept down there beyond the transfer time, he would be getting far less credits,'' Beckler said.
Because one label can be created and printed on an as-needed basis, costs are kept down, the process is efficient and there's no wasted sheets of labels.
We've kept down costs for two or three years in a row.
The latter remained in operation during most of the project thanks to building new units in areas other than those occupied by the current groups, so that stoppages at groups 5 and 6 were kept down to just 13 months.
Costs have been kept down with prices between pounds 14 and pounds 300.
Hoping to reduce or end a subsidy that has kept down the cost of on-line service, phone companies have presented the Federal Communications Commission with studies arguing that Internet users are overtaxing phone networks and ought to pay more for monthly service.
Suppressing the gold price is imperialism in action, and far from being an agency of international assistance, the IMF is the central mechanism by which the gold price is suppressed and developing countries are kept down.
Black promoters have been trying to get a fair shake in the pop promotion business for as long as I've been in it - over twenty years - but have been kept down by discrimination and greed.
Manufacturing firms said pay increases were being kept down because they can't increase their prices and because profits are low.
The cost of connectivity is kept down by allowing existing installations to continue using the standard RS-485 docking and charging solutions already in place.