keep (one's) fingers crossed

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keep (one's) fingers crossed

To remain hopeful that something will happen or come true. This can be accompanied by a literal crossing of one's index and middle fingers. Cross your fingers that this is the package we've been waiting for. OK, I've been crossing my fingers—did you get the job?
See also: crosse, finger, keep

keep one's fingers crossed (for someone or something)

 and cross one's fingers
to wish for luck for someone or something, sometimes by actually crossing one's fingers; to hope for a good outcome for someone or something. I hope you win the race Saturday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm trying out for a play. Keep your fingers crossed!
See also: crosse, finger, keep

keep your fingers crossed


cross your fingers

COMMON If you keep your fingers crossed or cross your fingers, you hope for luck or success in something. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. We all cross our fingers and hope it never happens. But if long-term illness struck tomorrow, could you keep paying the bills? Note: People say fingers crossed when they are wishing someone good luck or hoping for good luck for themselves. We don't have tickets but we're going anyway. Fingers crossed we'll be able to get in. Note: People sometimes actually cross their middle finger over their index finger when they use this expression or are wishing someone good luck. In the past, people believed that making the sign of the cross in this way was a way of protecting themselves from the devil or bad luck.
See also: crosse, finger, keep
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So, when the phone in her office rings in the morning, Kelly Bruno, vice president of ONE, keeps her fingers crossed that it isn't one of her 10 volunteers delivering 250 hot meals to seniors in the Valley saying they can't make it in.
At this time of year, she keeps her fingers crossed that the rush of shoppers will come late.