keep (one) going

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keep (one) going

To give one enough energy, sustenance, etc., until they get what they truly need or want. Lost for days in the woods, we had to eat bugs and edible roots to keep us going. I am so anxious for the new movie in the series to come out this winter that I'm reading the novels again to keep me going.
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keep someone or something going

to sustain someone or something. I try to eat just enough food to keep me going. Enjoying food is just not an issue any more.
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ˌkeep ˈgoing

1 make an effort to live normally when you are in a difficult situation or when you have experienced great suffering: You just have to keep yourself busy and keep going.
2 (spoken) used to encourage somebody to continue doing something: Keep going, Sarah, you’re nearly there.
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ˌkeep somebody ˈgoing

(informal) be enough for somebody until they get what they are waiting for: Why don’t you have an apple to keep you going till dinner time?
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This book will let you count off the great ways numbers can used, everything from magic squares, to soccer balls and buckeyballs, to a number call pi that just keeps going and going and going....
Each advertisement celebrated an individual who keeps going. "For those that never quit, the battery that never quits.
Amelia Peabody Emerson just keeps going in this 15th novel in the series about a family of British archaeologists in Egypt.
Tellingly, when Aune does a quick analysis of free-market arguments in three public policy fights, he picks ones in which they always lose: the minimum wage (it keeps going up), farm subsidies (they keep going out), and labor unions (still embroiled in government regulation).
The most surprising thing about the 2000 office market in New York City is the fact that, like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and a pace that many of us believed was unsustainable.
His personal business mantra is "leave your door open and your ego at home." As for his work ethic, he keeps going until the job is done.