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Villa's decision-makers are keeping under wraps details of the exact cash amount.
They were watching an international athlete, whose identity the BBC is keeping under wraps, carrying the Olympic torch past City Hall.
They will duet togetter but are keeping under wraps what it is they plan to perform together.
Happily, there'll be another major boost to his dreams, linked with a new musical project, which he is keeping under wraps until the time is ripe.
The goal is to copyright them as works of art, thus protecting sequences from use by competitors--and perhaps encouraging publication of sequences that firms are keeping under wraps.
Environmentalists accused state regulators Wednesday of contributing to the death of a Toluca Lake woman by keeping under wraps a 1996 study that found gas from a fumigated building can drift through pipes to a neighboring home.
That means keeping under wraps the Dole clone who strikes some voters as a scowling, cranky candidate with a tendency to get bogged down in pointless asides (such as his recent interview remarks about tobacco's addictive nature) and who is known for speaking in cryptic or rambling phrases, even referring to himself in the third person.
His partner - who he is keeping under wraps - adopted the boy and Shane, pictured below, is preparing to travel to Tibet and meet his "son" for the first time.