keep something from (someone)

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keep something from (someone)

To prevent someone from learning or finding out something; to keep something a secret from someone. I was going to find out you'd spent the money eventually, so I don't understand why you tried to keep it from me. I get the feeling you're not telling me everything. What are you keeping from me?
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keep someone from someone or something

to hold someone away from someone or something; to prevent someone from getting at someone or something. You must keep the child from her mother until the mother is infection-free. It is hard to keep a child from the playground, even a sick child. I could hardly keep myself from the dessert table.
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keep something from someone

not to tell something to someone. Why did you keep the news from me? I needed to know. This matter shouldn't have been kept from me.
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keep from something

to avoid doing something; to refrain from doing something. How could I keep from crying? It was so sad! Try to keep from falling off the ladder.
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keep from

1. Withhold; also, prevent. For example, What information are you keeping from me? or Please keep your dog from running through our garden. [c. 1340]
2. Restrain oneself, hold oneself back, as in I can hardly keep from laughing. [c. 1340]
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keep from

1. To prevent someone or something from doing something: The tape is there to keep the pages from falling apart. This constant noise is keeping me from my work.
2. To refrain from doing something: I couldn't keep from having a little snack before dinner.
3. To prevent some information from becoming known by someone or something: They kept the news of the accident from the newspapers.
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References in classic literature ?
He is still keeping something from your knowledge which you are interested in discovering?
She's worried Cheryl may face an angry reaction from fans who feel she's keeping something from them.
Whether it's police detective Juliet who's dealing drugs on the side, farmer Bill who's clearly keeping something from wife Moira and vice versa, guilty father Peter who the family haven't had contact with for years, sister Claire who heads back to work straight away or Alistair the quiet farmhand with a taste for blackmail.
I caught him watching porn once and now I feel like he's keeping something from me.
Will suspects Sonny and Gabi are keeping something from him, but he doesn't know what -- that Gabi believes she killed Nick.
So, is Mr Brown keeping something from the rest of us that means everything's going to be all right?
Trouble is they are keeping something from their partner - both are international assassins, and when the truth comes out they find themselves stalking each other with explosive results.
Try to figure out if something else is going on, such as you're worried that they're keeping something from you and can't be trusted.
Do you think that he's keeping something from you, perhaps some row when their mother died?
Susan (Jackie Woodburne) grows suspicious that Karl is keeping something from her, and Bree panics when Janelle goes on a shopping spree.
He was acting really strange and I felt he was keeping something from me.
Christian suspects she is keeping something from him but as she won't tell him what it is, he leaves and insists he won't be coming again.
He said: "There we were, we had so many meetings with the Secretary of State, speaking to the Prime Minister and we approached those meetings in a candid manner, to find out that they were deliberately keeping something from us.
Lucy said: "We all stink and look like s**t and when I feel someone is keeping something from the team, I get p***d off.