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Stephanie Bottrill, a victim of the notion that keeping ourselves to ourselves behind closed doors is a virtue, would be alive today had that neighbourhood loving kindness that existed in the Birmingham of 50 years ago not crumbled before bulldozers for the modern city.
It isn't about keeping ourselves to ourselves or turning a blind eye, it's about building communities that care - so we can be proud of each and every Liverpool neighbourhood.
So we're a country of stiff upper lips who just love sipping afternoon tea while keeping ourselves to ourselves, are we?
We wanted to take the Church to the streets instead of being in a building keeping ourselves to ourselves.
We were just keeping ourselves to ourselves," James told the trial.
These days it is all too common to forget to be neighbourly, keeping ourselves to ourselves.
But we know the game's getting closer every minute and we've been keeping ourselves to ourselves so we can go into the game confident
We were quite happily swimming, keeping ourselves to ourselves.