been keeping myself busy

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(I've) been keeping myself busy.

 and (I've been) keeping myself busy.
a standard response to a greeting inquiry asking what one has been doing. Bill: What have you been doing? Bob: I've been keeping myself busy. What about you? Bill: About the same. John: Yo! What have you been up to? Bill: Been keeping myself busy.
See also: been, busy, keeping, myself
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I've been keeping myself busy while working on the album and enjoying musical opportunities that have come my way.
Other than playing or practising I've been taking some online cooking courses and learning different things so I make a point of keeping myself busy away from the ice.
I am always keeping myself busy by doing something which I suppose is because I am very competitive.
In the meantime I've been keeping myself busy with another trip to London.
I am keeping myself busy with movies in Tamil and Telugu.
Plus, I'm keeping myself busy over the summer designing some more corporate VIP gifts.
For me, thinking of another song or keeping myself busy with another activity does wonders.
But I'll be keeping myself busy training for our next round of games.
I'm keeping myself busy and Peter has been fantastic.
But I'm keeping myself busy and I'm not having any sleepless nights.
I'm 16 years old soon to be 17, and currently in a gap year, filling it up with keeping myself busy with courses and work experience.
We are currently involved in the rebuild at Catterick, we are working at Stratford and we have just landed a contract at Pontefract, so I have been keeping myself busy in the racing world.
It will be my eighth title fight in two years so I cannot be accused of not keeping myself busy in the ring.