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"It's the best way to see everyone and for them to see you." Especially with large groups, says Fink, keeping an eye on the big picture "like when you drive" helps keep the class together.
Keeping changes confined to just those staff members keeps Yale's formidable database as clean as it can be.
Miller uses his Treo smartphone as he walks the halls, keeping track of where students ought to be.
In addition to keeping a strict maintenance schedule, there are other ways operators can keep their compact equipment running effectively in demolition environments.
Lavallee says previously, when large mining companies conducted their own in-house contractor training and record keeping, there were shortcomings.
Keeping toxins out of our indoor air is a concern for anyone involved in green building.
Or try the terrarium technique of keeping your plants on stones or pebbles in an open-topped fish tank.
Keeping the Masses Down: How to Escape the Vicious Downward Spiral of Poverty & Tyranny is a motivational, consumable self-help book filled cover to cover with a positive-minded messages and advice to break out of poverty.
As the French put it, "A passionate man impassions others." Yet keeping this passion alive can be difficult after you've been teaching for a long time.
Keeping them in the loop can save you a lot of wasted time, effort, and money.
Courses and workshops that address the issue of record keeping and confidentiality for school counselors generally warn that keeping detailed notes can lead to the betrayal of any confidentiality the student may have presumed at the time the counseling session began.
Keeping and loving are inextricably bound together.
Enhanced with an introductory essay relating the history of photography at the Worcester Art Museum and across central New England, Keeping Shadows: Photography At The Worcester Art Museum by David Acton (Worcester Art Museum curator of prints, drawings, and photographs) and with contributions by Stephen B.
Build a paper trail by keeping a copy of these written notices and any supporting information for use in justifying your actions.