keep yourself busy

keep (oneself) busy

To remain occupied (with something); to ensure that one is not idle or bored. I found that I had to keep myself busy while I was grieving. I just couldn't bear to sit still, or else I would start thinking about everything that happened. I bought a bunch of coloring books and board games so the kids can keep themselves busy during the break from school.
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keep yourself ˈbusy

find enough things to do: Since she retired she’s kept herself very busy.
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You keep yourself busy working out to achieve your body goals but despite all the sweat and hard work you have been struggling to lose weight.
Exercise, eat right and keep yourself busy with things that make you happy.'
"I think everyone knows when you are sad you want to just work, work, work and keep yourself busy with everything and jeez I've done so much over the past with work and events.
You are waiting for the phone to ring and trying to keep yourself busy.
Walsh said: "I'm enjoying it up there and there is plenty going on to keep yourself busy. Inverness is a nice place and there's nice people - I would recommend it to anyone.
It's very easy to keep yourself busy and entertained in Dublin - but outside the busy confines of the city's hustle and bustle are dozens of tremendous day trips from Giants Causeway and Kilkenny City to the Cliffs of Moher and Blarney Castle.
In addition to the posher charities such as Rotary and Lions, there are so may around in all parts of Cyprus even small villages, it is one way to mingle with the locals and make new friends and keep yourself busy.
Grab your phone from your pocket or handbag until your date arrives to keep yourself busy? Why talk to humans or even make eye-contact with someone else when you can stare at your connected device instead?
Keep yourself busy and don't be lazy because an idle mind is a devil's workshop.
If you are lonely, just need to get your mind off things or keep yourself busy, check out the website and you are sure to find an activity that you can enjoy with likeminded people.
It still sounds vague to me, but I guess it's saying that if you keep yourself busy with things that challenge your creativity, it will help ease your sadness and anxiety.
If you stay active and keep yourself busy with exercises or some physical activity, you are sure to enjoy an improved mood.
* Being aware of the actions of the limbs; you should guard your tongue from lying, backbiting, and tale-bearing, you should keep yourself busy with remembering and mentioning Allah The Almighty and reciting the Qur'an.
He continued: "You just have to make sure you protect family, protect those around you and keep yourself busy.
She said, "Just keep yourself busy and never allow yourself a moment of dullness.