keep your voice down

keep (one's) voice down

To speak in a hushed voice or a whisper; to refrain from speaking too loudly. Shh! Keep your voices down! My parents are sleeping upstairs. I don't care if he was keeping his voice down—he shouldn't have been talking during the movie at all!
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keep your ˈvoice down

used to tell somebody to speak more quietly: Keep your voices down, won’t you? The children are asleep.
See also: down, keep, voice
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Also, if you decide to take a call when your plane is on the runway, keep your voice down.
Keep your voice down; never use the phone's hands-free "speaker" function.
sing, Put your bed in the corner face in the window keep your voice down
'And keep your voice down. I don't want everyone knowing.' 'Perfect for your anniversary I'd say,' said Evie with a sly grin.
Keep your voice down. Before you read any further it's probably a good idea to disguise yourself as best as possible for your own safety.
Keep your voice down as it's uncomfortabla e for f a hearing aid user if you shout and it looks aggressive.
We are also promoting the following top tips during Deaf Awareness Week: | Make sure you have the person's attention before you start speaking; | Places with good lighting (so that you can be lip-read) and little or no background noise are best for conversations; | Face the person so you can be lip-read and speak clearly, using plain language, normal lip movements and facial expressions; | Check whether the person understands what you are saying and, if not, try saying it in a different way; | Keep your voice down as it's uncomfortable for a hearing aid user if you shout and it looks aggressive, and | Learn finger-spelling or some basic British Sign Language (BSL).
I leaned forward and cautioned: "Keep your voice down. Members of the The Spare Rib Vegans Against Badger Culling Players might be listening."
KEEP your voice down because this week it's been all about whispering.
Let's hear it for Nottingham but keep your voice down in respect of Leicester or Warwick.
Just be sure to keep your voice down and the NC turned up.
Soldier 2: Keep your voice down! You'll give away our position.
Worried Lisa told her: "Keep your voice down. We've got mics on."
You are so stubborn, my dear, I could-' 'Keep your voice down.' Nick squeezed the cut to make the bright blood run and closed his fist to seal it.
One of the new characters is an alleged police detective called Finney (Mark Bonnar) - cue an interruption from the newly-deaf Oscar as the cop interviews the clown: "Keep your voice down, Jelly - apparently that pig's been sniffing round again."