keep your options open

keep (one's) options open

To refrain from making a decision or commitment that will limit one's choices in the future. You're awfully young to be getting married. I just think you should keep your options open until you're finished with college. They've offered me a good salary if I stay with the company, but I think I'd like to keep my options open.
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keep (or leave) your options open

avoid committing yourself.
1996 Colin Bateman Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men Have it your way. We'll go to Princetown. But I'm keeping my options open. If there's any more trouble…we're out, we're home.
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keep/leave (all) your ˈoptions open

avoid making a decision now so that you still have a choice in the future: Doing business with him is sometimes quite stressful. He likes to keep all his options open until the very last minute.
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Whether you're actively searching for a job or just want to keep your options open, post your resume on the IABC Job Centre and see what happens.
``But you always have to keep your options open,'' she added.
If it doesn't lie in intramural sports, then you risk nothing by switching over to dance, as long as you keep your options open. By this I mean continuing your education and keeping an eye on other interests that can enrich your life and offer clues to possible career choices after dance.
Keep your options open and remember that large, private corporations have similar programs and will provide great opportunities for a small business."
If he e-mails back that he thinks you and his girlfriend will get along great, you'll know ahead of time to keep your options open.
Keep your options open when considering a purchasing group or an alliance.
My advice is to keep your options open by studying several dance techniques and continuing your education.