keep your head down

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keep (one's) head down

To actively avoid conflict or attention. I'm keeping my head down at work these days because I don't want to be among the layoffs that are sure to accompany our recent change in leadership.
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Keep your head down.

Fig. Lie low, try not to be noticed. My advice to you is to keep your head down for the moment. Keep your head down. It'll blow over.
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keep your head down

COMMON If you keep your head down, you try to avoid being noticed or becoming involved in something. I just decided to keep my head down and do my job and eventually I was accepted by my male colleagues. If you had been content to keep your head down and lead a quiet life, none of this would have happened. Note: You can also say that you get your head down. I thought I'd better get my head down somewhere and ask for police protection. Compare with get your head down.
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keep your head down

remain inconspicuous in difficult or dangerous times. informal
1995 Edward Toman Dancing in Limbo All his instincts told him to keep his head down. He didn't need Lily's constant nagging to remind him he was in deep trouble.
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keep your ˈhead down

1 avoid being noticed or being seen in public: She’s so unpopular with the voters that the Prime Minister has told her to keep her head down until after the election.In the army you soon learn to keep your head down and stay out of trouble.
2 work very hard: He kept his head down for weeks before the final exams.
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Yes, the best advice when traveling through a shaky neighborhood is to keep your head down, ensuring that you are less aware of your surroundings, and act like you don't belong.
As long as you don't keep your head down, and don't walk too fast, you'll be okay.
The longer you keep your head down the harder it is for your shoulders to pass through, causing the arms to collapse and fold too soon, resulting in disastrous strikes.
"You can't just keep your head down and escape the government," says Jim Albertine, president of the American League of Lobbyists and a partner in Albertine Enterprises.
"You just try and do a good job and keep your head down"
IF you've made an idiot of yourself you'd think you'd know to keep your head down.
``Just work hard, keep your head down and don't offend anyone unnecessarily, '' was Peter's helpful reply.
The most important tip that a coach can give to a hitter is: "Keep your head down and still in your swing."
keep your head down and listen to advice from the coaches".
It's essential to keep your head steady and eyes focused on the ball but never keep your head down.
``YOU get born, you keep your head down, then you die ...
"Keep your head down and still, with your eye on the ball"
Keith, RSDG, after six days of war please keep your head down - Dad, Mum and the rest.
To Yoshi, he added: "Keep your head down, do your job and come home safe."
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