keep your feet

keep (one's) feet

To maintain one's balance; to avoid falling or tripping. It wasn't until the second day on the boat that I was able to keep my feet during one of these storms.
See also: feet, keep

keep your feet (or legs)

manage not to fall.
See also: feet, keep
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Well, it'll teach you a lesson to keep your feet inside.
97) will keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet and rugged conditions.
The Stealthforce, with its side zipper option, is airport safe and features a Cambrelle moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry.
Any of the above boots will |help keep your feet nice and dry, even if you fancy a splash about in some puddles | Any of the above boots will |help keep your feet nice and dry, even if you fancy a splash about in some puddles COSY TOES BOGS SOLIDS CLASSIC BOOTS with a waterproof neoprene upper, featuring handles to make pulling them on easier, and insulation to keep feet warm and dry.
Hopefully by following these directions you'll never find yourself guessing as to where the ball will end up as long as you face the corner, address the ball and keep your feet moving.
Wearing slippers around the house will not only keep your feet clean, but will also prevent dry, cracked heels* Get a pedicure: You don't have to go to an expensive nail salon to get your nails done; simply soak them in warm water and shower gel for 15 minutes, then with a cuticle pusher, remove all the extra skin at the base of your toenails.
Climate-control perforations keep your feet airy and dry, and the skid-resistant sole contains rubber bubbles for shock absorption.
A pair that incorporates a mesh fabric will keep your feet cool and dry.
To save costly repairs and downtime, get on the forklift from the roadside and keep your feet off the cylinder rods.
You could do a full roll-up if you can keep your feet on the floor as you continue rounding forward to sitting.
Best prevention: Keep your feet clean and dry (especially between toes).
Regular exercises can help keep your feet in trim, says the Society of Chiropodists who recommend this simple course of tone-up exercises:
The key thing about bell-ringing is to keep your feet on the ground.
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