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Instead, be patient and keep your eyes open. Think of a guy in your school you'd like to know better.
"Sometimes it's hard to keep your eyes open because the days are so long.
They're pricey, and there's no label information, but keep your eyes open: they're top quality gems that you'll probably never see again but are definitely worth having, if only for the graphic autobiographical insert...
* Keep your eyes open. Don't fall blindly in love; acknowledge that there will be problems.
"Keep your eyes open fog them, and 'shop' for the fight lender for you.
Still, he adds, if you do go to the new Trek movie this fall, keep your eyes open: It might be fun to see what science fact and fiction you can spot.
And if you're out and about you should keep your eyes open - you might even bump into Lady Gaga or Selena Gomez as you do your shopping today.
And keep your eyes open for Schizo, featuring more of the same.
"The best advice is to keep your eyes open for lower prices but not to drive around specially which would negate the saving.
So unless you plan to bring a parachute everywhere you go, keep your eyes open, and watch your ste-e-e-ep!
He added: "You've got to keep your eyes open, prices are volatile and can change from day to day."
"It's difficult to perform to the best of your ability at any level when you are so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open.
You are the only newspaper to keep your eyes open for consumers and the rip-offs we endure.
So as you're walking around, keep your eyes open for unusual sights.
ARE you struggling to keep your eyes open in the office?
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