keep your distance

keep (one's) distance

1. To maintain physical distance between oneself and someone or something. Keep your distance, everyone. There is a downed wire here. He better keep his distance from that bear.
2. To limit engagement or association (or the appearance thereof) between oneself and someone or something. Politicians have been quick to keep their distance from the senator ever since news of her scandal broke.
See also: distance, keep

keep your ˈdistance (from somebody/something)


keep somebody/something at a ˈdistance

not be too friendly or familiar with somebody/something: She tends to keep her distance from her neighbours, so none of them know her very well.
See also: distance, keep
References in classic literature ?
Now keep your distance," I commanded, "and don't you come closer
If you're genuinely uneasy, don't make a fuss but keep your distance.
KEEP YOUR DISTANCE is set to give owner Sadie Montague and her mother the thrill of a lifetime in the 1m handicap (8.
The Tree Stand Kit has a Saw Blade attachment and Hook attachment for clearing lanes, and a Scent Cup attachment that allows you to keep your distance from scrapes and trails when applying scents.
So, you have to know how to stand your ground and keep your distance and just be careful, so this fighter here is going to make me so aware and keep me on my toes, and make me fight as hard as I can.
If you are being bullied or harassed try to keep your distance from the offending driver.
The way you keep your distance has to be accurate and constant.
If you have a weak heart or just a short attention span, keep your distance from Emma Donoghue's intricately woven and luxuriously paced fourth novel, Life Mask, the story of the 12th Earl of Derby's 16-year courtship of the comedic actress Eliza Farren and of Eliza's ambiguous and socially dangerous friendship with the sculptor Anne Damer, rumored to be a sapphist.
If there is a particular person you find it stressful to be around, try to keep your distance.
To avoid an ongoing drama between you and your bad-blood bud, keep your distance and be cordial.
You have to keep your distance from patients so you can make objective medical decisions.
When you do see a snake, we tell people to respect it, to keep your distance from it,'' he said.
But as a manager you have to keep your distance from your players and can't get too close to any of them.
You keep your distance but I remember last year a guy stopped me while I was on a running machine to ask me for my autograph.
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