keep your distance

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keep (one's) distance

1. To maintain physical distance between oneself and someone or something. Keep your distance, everyone. There is a downed wire here. He better keep his distance from that bear.
2. To limit engagement or association (or the appearance thereof) between oneself and someone or something. Politicians have been quick to keep their distance from the senator ever since news of her scandal broke.
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keep your ˈdistance (from somebody/something)


keep somebody/something at a ˈdistance

not be too friendly or familiar with somebody/something: She tends to keep her distance from her neighbours, so none of them know her very well.
See also: distance, keep
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References in classic literature ?
"Now keep your distance," I commanded, "and don't you come closer!"
You can drop them off with her, or invite her round when your husband is home, and then keep your distance.
4.Slow down and keep your distance. 5.Turn your heater on to keep the windows clear.
"Keep your distance, seals get very nervous very quickly around human beings and stress can actually cause death in seals as well." Terry says there are several signs that indicate whether a seal is healthy or in distress.
With wildlife images, always try to shoot on a telephoto lens, keep your distance and a bit of patience to capture the moment."
Conserve momentum and keep your distance. For example, slow down early to let traffic lights change, rather than stopping completely, or speed up a little before you reach the foot of a hill.
KEEP YOUR DISTANCE is set to give owner Sadie Montague and her mother the thrill of a lifetime in the 1m handicap (8.20) at Great Leighs today.
Your children should not suffer such unkindness and one option is to keep your distance and restrict her visits, keeping them short.
The Tree Stand Kit has a Saw Blade attachment and Hook attachment for clearing lanes, and a Scent Cup attachment that allows you to keep your distance from scrapes and trails when applying scents.
"The way you keep your distance has to be accurate and constant."
If you have a weak heart or just a short attention span, keep your distance from Emma Donoghue's intricately woven and luxuriously paced fourth novel, Life Mask, the story of the 12th Earl of Derby's 16-year courtship of the comedic actress Eliza Farren and of Eliza's ambiguous and socially dangerous friendship with the sculptor Anne Damer, rumored to be a sapphist.
* Avoid close contact with people who are sick, and when you're the sick person, keep your distance from others;
# If there is a particular person you find it stressful to be around, try to keep your distance. Give them responsibility for minor jobs.
To avoid an ongoing drama between you and your bad-blood bud, keep your distance and be cordial.
3 KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Ian Harte waits for the chance to launch one of his speciality free-kicks as referee Paul Durkin lays down the law to City's Moustapha Hadji, Carlton Palmer, Paul Williams and Craig Bellamy.