keep your cool

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keep (one's) cool

To maintain control of one's composure, temper, or nerve in a given situation. He really kept his cool when the waiter dropped his food. I tried to keep my cool during the interview, but I was extremely nervous the whole time.
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keep cool

1. To stay calm. In this usage, a possessive pronoun is often used between "keep" and "cool." You know they're going to try to antagonize you during the debate, so just keep cool. I always try to keep my cool when dealing with the cable company.
2. Literally, to not get overly hot, as in hot weather. A: "How have you been during this brutal heat wave?" B: "Oh, keeping cool, thanks to the air conditioning in the office."
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keep your cool

COMMON If you keep your cool, you control your temper and stay calm in a difficult situation. Hilde's one of those born managers — keeps her cool in a crisis. I knew I had to keep my cool, but it was hard.
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keep/lose your ˈcool

(informal) stay calm/get angry, excited, etc: He was very insulting. I really don’t know how I managed to keep my cool.
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It may be difficult if she accuses you of things you didn't do, but keep your cool and let her know you'd really like a fresh start.
To enable you to keep your cool when all around are losing theirs, Newcastle Audi and Tyneside Audi have come up with a special summer offer.
MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR COOL: Not sure if some of your e-mail messages could unknowingly ignite an argument or office impasse?
Auto-Affirmations is one tool to help you keep your cool in your car.