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keep (one's) word

To do as one has promised. Tom always keeps his word, so if he promised to help you move, then he'll be here.
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keep one's word

to uphold one's promise; to do as one says. (The opposite of break one's word.) I told her I'd be there to pick her up, and I intend to keep my word. Keeping one's word is necessary in the legal profession.
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keep/break your ˈword

do/fail to do what you have promised: Do you think she’ll break her word and tell everyone?
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"Covert stammerers keep words in their heads but there is real fatigue in that," said Michael.
When people started texting, for many there was another practical reason to keep words short, hence the use of abbreviations such as b4, as characters cost money.
He asked WAPDA authorities to keep words of the government of minimum loadshedding in Ramazan-ul Mabarak, specially in Seher, Iftar and Tarawih timings.
"I might coach somebody into thinking about their torso in ballet class by saying to themselves, 'Lengthen and breathe and move'--to keep words like that going.
The novel spans the whole breadth of the UK but the characters are Scottish and I fought to keep words like 'sleekit' and 'lumber' in, even in the US editions because it's a sense of who the characters are."