keep within bounds

keep (someone or something) within bounds

Fig. to cause someone or something to remain constrained or be reasonable; to cause someone to act or something to be in good taste. I know you want artistic freedom, but if you want an audience, you are going to have to keep within bounds. Try to keep the children within bounds. Do keep your behavior within bounds.
See also: bound, keep, within
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Raps his shoe on the table, he's harder to keep within bounds. What
3 : to keep within bounds : restrain <Learn to control your temper.>
It can't take frost so needs winter protection but even full grown in the wild only reaches about 6ft so is easy to keep within bounds. It is a bush with a spreading, weeping habit which can look very attractive in a pot.
2 : ability to keep within bounds or direct the operation of <The fire is out of control.> <He lost control of the automobile.>