keep within

keep within something

to remain within a thing or within the boundaries of something. If you keep within the tourist area, you will be safe. Please keep within the yard.
See also: keep, within
References in classic literature ?
As we have no public notoriety, no concurrent testimony, no records to support and corroborate what we deliver, it becomes us to keep within the limits not only of possibility, but of probability too; and this more especially in painting what is greatly good and amiable.
2d, He shall not presume to come into our metropolis, without our express order; at which time, the inhabitants shall have two hours warning to keep within doors.
A garden smoothly laid with turf, divided by thick hedges, with raised beds of bright flowers, such as we keep within walls in England, would have been out of place upon the side of this bare hill.
See, and don't expose yourself; keep within, and fire through the porch.
These arrangements being all made simultaneously, or nearly so, were completed by the time it got dark; and then the streets were comparatively clear, and were guarded at all the great corners and chief avenues by the troops: while parties of the officers rode up and down in all directions, ordering chance stragglers home, and admonishing the residents to keep within their houses, and, if any firing ensued, not to approach the windows.
With a clatter and dash the two blades met once more, Alleyne pressing in so as to keep within the full sweep of the heavy blade, while Tranter as continually sprang back to have space for one of his fatal cuts.
If cyclists keep within the designated cycle lane, they are certainly safe; but I have seen in London two cyclists cycling abreast within a cycle lane and a third, cycling much faster, overtaking them going outside the designated lane and then returning into it.
Speaking at an event at the Aone+ depot in Gateshead, Highways Agency chief executive Graham Dalton said: "Pause for a moment to think about your own workplace, and then imagine what it would be like with heavy lorries thundering through at more than 60mph, and drivers who think they know better than to keep within the speed limit "We would like to send a clear message to drivers - do not risk lives and wreck families for the sake of a few seconds saved on a journey.
There is nothing so effective as the sight of Average Speed Cameras to persuade drivers to keep within the limit.
IT WAS indeed gratifying to see a story in the Echo concerning Leckwith as being "in the Vale of Glamorgan" ("Hells Angels vow to keep within the law", June 30).
Does anyone really believe jockeys are going to keep within the new rules in tight finishes up the Cheltenham hill or the neverending Aintree run-in?
How is it these wrong-doers are treated far better than people who actually keep within the law and lead blameless lives?
Our carers are capable, understanding and patient, considerate, cheerful and friendly and keep within the time rota I am given each week.
Nearly 90 per cent of the 3,000 respondents to the online poll said they aim to comply with the speed limit but 60 per cent admitted that they found it difficult to keep within the limit.
Nearly 90% of the 3,000 respondents to the online poll said they aim to comply with the speed limit but 60% admitted that they found it difficult to keep within the limit.