keep with

keep with (someone or something)

1. To associate with or remain in the company of someone or something. I decided years ago not to keep with liars like you. We raised you better than to keep with such degenerates.
2. To persevere in some task, action, or activity. I am bound and determined to keep with my workout routine this time. You've got to keep practicing. If you don't keep with it, then you'll never get any better!
3. To conform to or remain in agreement with something. Used especially in the phrase "in keeping with something." We want to ensure that the curriculum keeps with our religious beliefs. In keeping with the family's wishes, we're declining to make a comment on the case at this point in time.
4. To allow someone else to maintain possession, custody, or care of someone or something, especially for a temporary period. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "keep" and "with." We're keeping the kids with my parents while we're on our trip. Do you mind if I keep some of my stuff with you while I look for a new place to live?
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keep something with someone

to leave something in the care of someone. Can I keep my bicycle with you while I am gone? I can keep your bicycle with me.
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This means users can share the lists they create on Google Keep with family and friends, so they can access and work on them simultaneously.
From my experience, education, training and/or study, I know it to be quite common for those involved in the illegal trafficking/furnishing of scheduled drugs to possess, maintain and keep with them, near them, and/or in their residences business records and journals relating to the trafficking and/or furnishing of scheduled drugs....
Finally, with regard to sums of money in the possession of drug traffickers, Agent Dumas stated that in his experience it was common for those involved in the illegal trafficking/furnishing of scheduled drugs to possess and keep with them, near them, and/or at their residences, sums of money...either as a result of scheduled drug sales or for the purpose of purchasing scheduled drugs or facilitating scheduled drug sales with others.