keep (one) going

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keep (one) going

To give one enough energy, sustenance, etc., until they get what they truly need or want. Lost for days in the woods, we had to eat bugs and edible roots to keep us going. I am so anxious for the new movie in the series to come out this winter that I'm reading the novels again to keep me going.
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keep someone or something going

to sustain someone or something. I try to eat just enough food to keep me going. Enjoying food is just not an issue any more.
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ˌkeep ˈgoing

1 make an effort to live normally when you are in a difficult situation or when you have experienced great suffering: You just have to keep yourself busy and keep going.
2 (spoken) used to encourage somebody to continue doing something: Keep going, Sarah, you’re nearly there.
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ˌkeep somebody ˈgoing

(informal) be enough for somebody until they get what they are waiting for: Why don’t you have an apple to keep you going till dinner time?
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References in classic literature ?
"Everybody knows that it is you who keep us going. Lumley has not got quite used to taking your money.
There was a dinner giving in the Harley Street establishment, while Little Dorrit was stitching at her father's new shirts by his side that night; and there were magnates from the Court and magnates from the City, magnates from the Commons and magnates from the Lords, magnates from the bench and magnates from the bar, Bishop magnates, Treasury magnates, Horse Guard magnates, Admiralty magnates,--all the magnates that keep us going, and sometimes trip us up.
bless us and save us, we need have something to keep us going,' returned Miss Jenny, shrugging her shoulders.
So please keep giving us the signs that you are with us still, as this will keep us Going until our time is called and meeting our Creator is a must, Till that time I beg of you, please stay close to us.
Great, that'll keep us going for at least three days.
"We'd like to thank everyone who supported the event, especially Emma Griffiths, Flintshire County Council's operations monitoring officer, who kindly teamed up with us to give out recycling containers, community development assistant Julie Evans, and also Mags Kerns, from Calbee, who provided some Yushoi snacks to keep us going at the event.
Your prayers and support will keep us going,'' said Norashman.
And ARMYs out there, you guys, your words keep us going and keep us striving!'
She has given us all the courage and strength to keep us going. We will miss you and always love you." Police confirmed Mohammed Tafham, 30, of Clement Royds Street, has been charged with murder.
If you love listening to Unorthodox every week, please consider donating to keep us going for another hundred episodes.
* As a nonprofit organization that receives no state funding, we rely on gifts and donations to keep us going and growing.
Danny, 32, added: "He told us all he couldn't afford to keep us going any more.
It will be challenging, but knowing the money we raise is going to such a good cause will keep us going."
Not so now, most of the industrial gold mines have gone and we now rely on the good will of foreign companies to keep us going.
We therefore need God, and we need to be united with Him, if we are going to have that oil that could keep us going on and on and on, in pursuit of our vision.